Leave plenty of time for the paint from the markers to dry properly. The first Gunpla kits were sold in 1980 in Japan.Gunpla kits consist of several trays of parts or \"runners\" that either snap-fit (most post-1990 models) or require glue (older models prior to 1990) to put together. Have Gunpla questions? I watch Gunpla TV alot and I was wondering if you and Ryan can make another painting tutorial. I use semi gloss all the time, its soo much easier to clean, and it reflects light back into the area. 1) Do you sand down the pieces after priming or not? Hi syd, im basically new to painting gundams. On the flip side, if you under do it, i.e. Alternatively, if this idea is no good, do you know where i could find a list of the colors i would need if i use hobby paints? Common top coats used for smoothing out your glitter polish into a buttery smooth, skateable surface are Essence Gel-Look Top Coat, Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, and old gloopy Seche Vite. Need help here! Does anybody tried hand painting using clear/flat acrylic or enamel to make a topcoat effect? What color will you be using? Remember - most table top epoxies require thin pours, meaning you'll need to apply multiple layers to achieve a thicker coat. Oh, ok i get it now. I don’t do that but I do follow a firm design in my head. Once the panel line is cleaned up and dry you can gloss top coat it again to protect it before moving onto the markings or you can go straight to the markings. More if the weather deteriorates. I usually don’t do much to anything to panel lines unless I’m scribing them myself. When it comes to going by the colour guides in the manuals, do they apply to a certain painting technique (ie hand paint, air brushing, spraying), or can one get the correct proportions with just spray, the color guides in the manual what percentage of what color you need to mix together. Oct 26, 2017 2,258. Many have claimed it to be the best mono-eye suit out there but I would say it is up there among the best of all of them. This has been the way I approach it. Resin, on the other hand, needs both a wash and prime for best results. (Actually, this is me doing it.). For panel lining all you really need is a scriber and some Dymo Tape. As a powder coater, you may need to apply two coats for a variety of reasons whether for protective reasons or appearance applying a second coat of powder is important to know how to do well. Relevant Point#4: If you are scribing a line that will change direction in the middle of the piece, it’s a good idea to take a very small pin vise or even a pin and make very shallow hole at the point the line changes. Or is it advisable to do it during sunny day? I’m going to have to look into this. From personal experience it tends to smudge a bit. Enamels don’t affect lacquer top-coats (unless you overdo it.) I ended up running out mid-way on the Heavyarms, but luckily I had an extra can of Testors Dullcote. Welcome to the wide world of Gunpla. You would have to check if the paint can be used on plastic but I would be a bit hesitant to put a paint meant for metal on my Gundam model especially something like a PG. Good luck! I think the ones Syd uses are the same as mine so i can answer as well. The reducer’s active-temperature range choice can also play a role. For top coat applications, i.e. Does this Matt Cote do the same thing as Mr Hobby’s Top coat? That color is also naturally very transparent so you need to put it on in layers. This is a forum for this kind of doll but if you google this: What you need to know about respiratory protection! The distance of spraying the top coat to the model should be about 1 ruler. If it's fluorescent acrylic paint, then it 100% needs to be put over primer first (preferably white). will give it a go and hopefully have some good results to show . or is it better using the spray cans that you using? After panel lining and applying the decals, the last step is applying a layer of top coat. I had the idea the other day though to paint all of the red pieces the same color as my car and was curious if I could use actual auto paints on a gundam model. I drive a Mazda 3 and it is the copper red mica color. Another very commonly used method to add detail to kits. Thanks! Painting yellow on a black piece; not so easy. Unpainted kits can look great with just a nice top coat while painted kits will gain that extra umph. Thx for the advise. I figured if the paint itself would work that I could get some made up and air brush it on. I did a gloss black on a part and I wanted to paint a flat red or blue over it, is it possible or will the smoothness of the gloss gives me a problem, if you can give me some tips hor to paint on a glossy paint will be much appreciated tnx. When you have sanded down the first coat and finished preparing for the second coat, then you are now ready to pour on the second layer of epoxy resin. Also, if this would work would I have to prime first? Will you be painting more than one color on the same piece, which means masking? Most modern kits don't have this issue and many older ones just need a wash before painting. The http://www.gaijin-gunpla.com/gunpla-my-way-out-of-the-box/ link is giving me 404. Does the same thing as Lacquer paints on gundam markers. The top coat is the last layer applied in the manicure process. It most likely will make it look slightly darker/balance it out visually depending how many layers you use. Panel line wash. you recommend to spray the model is gloss clear before doing a panel line wash. Now after I do that and finish the panel line wash, can I respray the model in flat clear??? anyway just to confirm that i got it right, 1st i spray a light mist of top coat … let it dry a bit… then go for the wet coat ? I managed to completely top coat my MG 1/100 Gundam Unicorn, and I even got a few light layers (with the remaining solution) onto my MG 1/100 Heavyarms EW ver. Fasten your seatbelt because it:s a wild ride. Painting black on a yellow piece; no problem. http://www.naritafamily.com/howto/paint.htm, http://www.google.com/search?q=tamiya+color+chart&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=Anm9T5DTMKWOmQXClfEX&ved=0CGcQsAQ&biw=1308&bih=844, https://www.facebook.com/groups/GundamMS/, http://www.gaijin-gunpla.com/gunpla-my-way-out-of-the-box/. Soak the can in warm water before top coating. Paint like a tamiya will dry quickly but you should play it safe and give it time, half a day or more, before touching the piece again. It would be very interesting if you could take some paint thickness readings of the flexible coating layer that you had on top of a piece of bare metal to get an idea of the thickness of that piece. and I dont like the blue I wanted to spray paint it black. Using tiny triangles/squares/diamond shapes I cover the surface that is to be masked. My other method spares you the knife marks but can be more time consuming. More or less, yes, however because Top-coat is clear you can get away with being a little heavier than you would with spray paints. They comes in black, grey, and white and are cheaper per volume than most modeling specific brands. I’ve been looking at either getting some spray cans or borrowing a friends air brush. Hey. I see, I got the idea now, thank you very much. The white parts like the leg). This way your scriber should start/stop at the correct spot. Anime and Manga - Gundam This is a split board - You ... Tell me how the top coat went on your strike's decals if you finish it by monday Will do. i’ve been wondering the same for the panel lining too since in your demo you’re using enamel paint as well. The Mr Hobby topcoat will go over enamel and should protect your paint providing you’re not too rough when handling the kit. The two top coat layers insure two things: a completely smooth finish, and a secure seal after filing the rough tips. Just as with the “why”, the number of answers for “when” can certainly vary from those above. A spray primer is the best choice, since spraying is the easiest way to apply thin layers over a model. I tried that and it didn’t smudge. Can I use a clear lacquer as both primer and top coat. Hi, I don’t want to step on Syd’s toes (especially on his great site) but I wanted to mention that you should let the enamels cure completely before spraying. If the finish is to be different then I’ll spray the one finish before masking then the second after the second color is painted and before I remove the masking. You will be test building it knowing that it will be coming apart again. Thanks a lot for your comments . A flat top coat is indeed a matte clear lacquer so when light shines on it it won’t reflect any at all. Because of this, it's important to make sure all your pieces are coated to the same extent. Jessica Washick, creative director at NYC-based nail salon Van Court , agrees that three coats of nail polish is plenty. The Gunpla Top Coat Guide: Giving your Gunpla a Fantastic Finish 23/10/2015 Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary – Celebrating 45 years of kawaii 08/11/2019 Japanese Capsule Toys – Gachapon, gashapon, and beyond! After giving the final coat, let the coat dry for at least 24 hours to attain the smooth texture. If you go through these forums, you'll find most guys spray 2- 3 coats of base, and 2 -3 coats of clear for a "factory" type job. Remember - most table top epoxies require thin pours, meaning you'll need to apply multiple layers to achieve a thicker coat. One coat? (gonna top it with candy paint in some parts) Not sure if the black base will affect Tamiya's paints too much outside the clear colors since it can be used as is usually. Don’t do it on a damp day! Thanks, I’m a little confused, is the gloss coat you used to prep for panel lining and markings the same coat you used for the final coat? Welcome to the top coat tutorial on the Layman's Gunpla Guide.Top coating is an incredibly easy way to add an extra dimension to your Gundam model. This particular product, some of them say that they're fast-drying. Today I'll be talking about the HG Exia kit, specifically the Repair II version that makes its grand appearance … All my gunpla are unpainted and i wish to go a step forward and start painting all my new gunplas. Spray in thin layers and let dry before spraying again. The guys are just making sure you got the message that you sprayed too many coats, especially if that "base" was actually SS metallic. It will just be on the regular parts (ie. I’m planning to paint a kit someday and i have this question. Separating parts (legs, waist, arms, head) is better than extending the parts when top coating. In other words, if you seal a seam and sand it down smooth, will the flat top coat totally conceal this work? Some pieces do look more matte than others so it might be a question of how much and how many layers of topcoat I apply to them. 4. Wish me luck on my first try with my MG Deathscythe Hell EW! the key thing is an impernmeable top coat. thanks for the tip syd. It depends on the top coat you use for how many coats are required. Today I'll be talking about the HG Exia kit, specifically the Repair II version that makes its grand appearance … Also.. for panel lining, would that go after all the painting is done? Take a foam brush or cloth to apply a thin coat. Or do a second/more coats later (and how much later?) Literally crumbled into tiny pieces, 3. Started working on my stack of kits. Smudges I mean refer to other color paints being seen on the white-painted painted parts and I need to urgently prevent this. How Many Coats of Water-Based Polyurethane Apply on Kitchen Table: The standard application process is similar to the oil-based polyurethane. c. Top Coat (x21 and x22) + Thinner, I have an MG Sinanju Ver Ka that I kinda messed up, I want to start a restoration project to rebuild it properly this time around (before I work on a fresh ver ka kit I have as well). Ha.. Hope you can shed some light on this. Hey syd-sensei, I just had something weird happen. I wouldn’t use Scotch tape as likely it will leave some residue behind when you pull it off. Nice tutorial. Hey Syd, I’m in Korea and have access to an official Tamiya store. 3/. If you have any type of breathing problem, then it is recommended that you do not use the spray technique to coat your table-top. In between, you only need two full minutes for your nail polish to dry enough for the next layer to coat on nicely! Additional layers of polyurethane would mean that you sand each layer, which can be time-consuming mainly when you apply more than 3 coats, and you are forced to wait so that they all dry. Thanks, I asked coz’ i’m planning to paint a kit, but it has some shallow panel lines so i’m afraid it will get sanded off. Once I’m satisfied with the masking, I spray the second color. Question to all who top coat their gunpla. As long as you pour in 1/8" layers, you can get as thick an ArtResin coat as you'd like. I would suggest taking it apart by sections (arms, torso, legs, feet, etc) and then spray the sections but you can add a top-coat now. There is a calculator below for determining how much you’ll need. Thank you for the answers. I have a quick question for you. Relevant Point#1: Pay attention to areas where you might be making any modifications such as seam lines, etc. With Piggy Paint, for maximum durability you can also use Basecoat + Sealer over the top of Topcoat to lock in the color. First of all, thanks for this, really appreciate the effort you put in making this blog and how youre helping out gunpla modellers, specially us beginners. These were some great tips. Specially the Kiki's and Gunpla one. I see a lot of recommendations to use future to seal the base acrylic paint before moving onto panel lines/top coat. Dark over light. I prefer the realistic look, just hope I can find some matte lacquer lol, Hi, I’m planning to paint my next kit. Hi Chris, that kit comes with waterslide decals too so my advice would be to gloss coat it before you do the decals and panel lines. Sorry for asking too much questions since I am new at painting GunPlas but been building from a long time ago…. Thanks for all replies. Looking to build a Gundam model? Check out r/Gunpla & r/Gundam. Sometimes term is also used to describe any clear coat on the kit, including the ones used in between various stages. The Bio Seaweed Gel system features a skim coat how many coats for gel nails, leading layer, shade and also strengthener done in a solitary container. Relevant Point#2: When I’m painting a kit I will use sandpaper (usually 400 grit) to clean off any remaining gate marks. For my first kit I want try it and see how I like gunpla. Yes, but how about holding the parts when I’m painting, and by the way I will use spray paint so I wonder how to dry the part after spray painting because almost the whole part would be covered with paint and some parts does not have any hole or anything that I can put a stick and clip on it. When you spray several layers (primer > pre shade > post shade > top coat) does the type of “paint” you use matter? Hey Syd, I usually gloss-coat again before markings. Otherwise, you will get a lot of grains on the surface. These are questions you will need to ask yourself (and answer!) Keep in mind, that this method may lead to some knife marks in your plastic. affeinvasion. Is it true that a Lacquer base Spray Can can brittle the plastic of a gunpla? Note that covering with white primer is going to be time consuming and require a lot of a lot of coats. I mean…. 1) If I am using enamel based paints for panel lining, which layer should I do this on? After, I plan to clean up the white trim with some Zippo lighter fluid. I've heard future can take up to a week to cure, but around the board i see 24 hours. 3) I top coat by pieces before applying the decals and panel lines and then I top coat again once I’m done. Apply gel coat in 4-5 layers at approximately 5 mils each, allowing 15-20 minutes between layers for a total thickness of 20-25 mils. (Well, maybe that's a stretch.) b. Pre/ Post Shade Colors (Tamiya Acrylics) Another thing I tend to do is not use any stickers during the test build except for the eye sticker. I was just wondering if thats what you used to use because its got a semi-gloss finnish and also is a flat top coat just a flat/matte clear lacquer??? , hi syd and other who read this,im a newbie that started the gunpla journey,i have done some gunpla like hg freedom and rg zeta and i buy a new hguc unicorn gundam,my question is that i want to spray the frame candy green do i have to sanding the frame before paint or have to wash first ?.and thank in advance to those who help me. This suit is designed as an extreme example of a elegant fighting machine and as such has armour over top of its armour. “Generally, a base coat doesn’t have the shine of a topcoat, and a topcoat doesn’t have the ‘sticky’ surface that’s important in a base coat,” says Dr. Waldorf. Undercoat to build up colour. I plan on ordering MG Wing Gundam but the center jewel is a clear part rather than a clear green part and I looked online to find a online U.S seller that sells clear green Tamiya enamel paint and I had no luck. Lots of coats. I still use Gundam Markers (due to severe budget constraints as well as work space limitations) but after painting some colors, they seem to smudge, especially the white-painted ones as part of the re-touchup process. And also I’ve seen different kinds of tamiya putty and I don’t know which is ideal to use for beginners. After giving the final coat, let the coat dry for at least 24 hours to attain the smooth texture. Want to chat Gundam or just about anything else. Can i directly use panel line wash using enamel paints then spray Lacquer top coat(Mr. Super Clear(Flat))? Hi Syd and everyone…..been about 6 month since I start gunpla.I already have a few of HG,RG,and MG kits, and experienced the joy and hardship of the gunpla world. Do you mean crumbled as in simply falling appart or did the pieces litteraly fell into bits of plastics ? To find out how many coats you need, we reached out to celebrity manicurist and NVLA nail polish founder Gina Alcedo, who has painted the nails … 2 coats externally and only 2 colours. I won’t go into any real detail about the putty because I feel there are far better people and tutorials out there. When dry, I flipped the parts over and sprayed again. I recommend visiting your local craft store and picking up  widely available Krylon spray primers. @Duncan: you might notice that since the paint is laquer along with the top coat, you might get some running. Resist the urge to use your topcoat as a base coat and vice versa. http://www.naritafamily.com/howto/paint.htm. I want to paint My soon to come MG GN-X into some metalic color, but I really confused about how to paint the inner frame. Always known about Gundam model kits(Gunpla) but never thought about trying it. The Army Painter line offers a whole bunch of coloured primers that look fantastic. Any thoughts? I found that people were split on using enamels to spray a gundam. Syd made an episode of Gunpla TV ( Episode 12 above ) were he shows how to set up parts for spray painting on a foam piece were the pieces are on top of a barbeque stick held by tape or alligator clips. A few questions (many thanks if you have time to answer them): (1) Do you top coat the inner frame as well or just the armor? Mfg suggest spraying lighter coats, which means I will need three coats to get to the 3.5 to 5 mil. Each layer of primer coat you apply to a plastic miniature will slowly build up in the recesses. Usually we used the proper top coat spray, the expensive product for model kit from Japan. Can i paint the whole frame itself or should i disassemble then paint? Yeah I wasnt sure. A good temperature should be above 22 degrees and with good sunlight. I agree with Ol'Painting, 2 coats for new walls in not enough. I agree Syd, i had a accident with my HG Tallgeese kit a few years back and the shield became brittle and softened the plastic, i was able to save the shield, but barely, ive avoided them all since. I put the eye sticker on because I like to take pictures when the test build is complete, and occasionally do a review. We’ve even done an episode of Gunpla TV showing the simple process. Quite a few people in my hobby where almost everyone who do face ups on ball jointed dolls have become very sick and it’s irreversible. You will probably have to use model cement and hold the pieces together with your hands until the glue is set enough that you can release your hold on them. Two coats only, undercoat and top coat. Followup question. 2) I have an airbrush for which I am able to use Humbrol’s Matt Cote product. If the eye sticker wasn’t there, it would look odd. Though generally a good idea, it's not always needed. Leave each layer to dry for around 2 to 3 hours and sand them well. Great guide here. thanks before. The differences between my post and other top coat tutorial, is cheap spray paint. panel line before you apply the final top coat. Helped me a lot. You probably do not need to wash the part either but it does not hurt at all. Besides from Mr. Hobby and Tamiya? Will the frame be painted? A good temperature should be above 22 degrees and with good sunlight. I haven't primed with my airbrush yet and, depending on who you ask, results from various brands & methods come off as too inconsistent for me to comment on. When I am doing a second coat, which I do in spring after polishing, I will garage the car overnight. Supposedly, waiting for 2 minutes between coats can help to make your nail polish last longer! I do have another question, I am sanding down all my nubs but i have come across with a problem with the nubs. A good coat of primer creates a nice consistent coat for paint to stick to. If you’re using the enamel over a lacquer your should be fine, though if you use a lot of enamel thinner to clean up it could react with your first layer of paint. Chemicals do strange things. How do i clean off nubs of a clear part?? Just don’t spray a matte flat coat in damp or moist conditions. (gonna top it with candy paint in some parts) Not sure if the black base will affect Tamiya's paints too much outside the clear colors since it can be used as is usually. If you want to paint the inner frame It’s best to paint each piece of that frame once, then bend the limbs and paint it again. In this case maybe the option is to paint it with a Mr. Hobby topcoat before putting the Tamiya paint on. Mr. color black and Mr. Level Thinner, This is one reason why I think bandai needs to make it so people from other countries can reorder parts, cuz now the $50 model I bought is useless, From what you wrote you didn’t do anything to it to cause it to crumble unless it has been in constant direct sunlight exposure but I think you just go a bad part :/. 3) Does gloss coat and top coat impede the joints on the Gunpla kits at all? Current project is the SD Wing Zero Custom. Opting for a blue, black and gun metal/silver theme! Oh nice. Relevant Point#3: If you are working on removing seam lines from areas such as the head, etc, you’ll need to come up with a method which will allow you to remove the line but still complete the final assembly. If you want to sand the part usually it is around the gate mark to smooth it down. Thanks for the fast reply Syd. Hello everyone! 1. Whether you like it or not, a base coat, two coats of color, and a topcoat are necessary for a picture-perfect manicure. How to Paint a Gundam with Brushes Martin's Introduction. Collision repair shops typically apply two to three coats of basecoat clear. If my first kit comes out good I’ll enter it the the contest and see how I do. For that, all you really need is some model cement and some sand paper. I’ve been building gunplas for awhile and I’ve just started out painting, but not with the spray cans. I usually use a 400 for most everything I do and then go to 1000, 1200, etc depending on how smooth I want the finished result to be. It's been long time since the last update. There are all kinds of plastics you can buy from sheets to rods. I am a long long time anime fan and almost everything Japanese. Leave each layer to dry for around 2 to 3 hours and sand them well. Gelgoog Guy asked me to me to mention The Army Painter primers. Im planning to repaint my RG strike freedom inner frame to a much vibrant shade of gold. I am building a MG The O and am going to be slightly changing the color scheme. These should be used outside as they tend to put a lot of particulates into the air (white especially). Just be sure to clean the paint brush ASAP afterwards. The final top-coat determines your finish. And another question. As long as you pour in 1/8" layers, you can get as thick an ArtResin coat as you'd like. great…. More shows! When doing this, you want to be generous with your pour so that the entire area is well coated with liquid and … (lacquer primer > acrylic pre and post shade > lacquer top coat)? A lot of the process when it comes to painting will overlap with what I wrote in the Out of the Box post, so bear with me. For show cars, there are about as many methods as there are painters. than I’ll do it just like that. Thanks for the chart though. Keep in mind that the fit on those kits is pretty tight so some of that paint could come off when you move the limbs around. In top coat nail polishes, the ingredient nitrocellulose is used … This second post explaining how I build my models hopefully will answer the questions posed to me about painting Gundams. Hi, would like to ask a silly question here, my gunpla is finished only with panel lining, what if I directly spray matte finish to my gunpla? I followed the advice of the Hobby Shops to get the Mr. Hobby Top Coat, but there’s a problem: When painting on dark-colored paints (such as black or red marker paint), the color tends to lighten and worse still, not being able to protect the paint from smudging. Per the internet, an average human hair seems to be about 80-120 microns thick. These guidelines for layering will help you figure out how many should be enough. The primer and/or paint will cover up the scratch marks easily enough. Hey Guys! Simple WeatheringOil WeatheringHairspray ChippingAdvanced Hairspray ChippingOther Chipping MethodsBattle DamageDry BrushingOther Weathering Tips, PlaPlatingSig Super StripeMini ThrustersOption PartsAction Bases & PosingMisc Tricks & TipsKit PhotographyGundam Line ArtRecommended Sites, LGG Changelog And make a mess for your nail polish is plenty we spray paint burning since am. Feel is too plain and how many layers of top coat gunpla some more details materials for painting the Mr Hobby ’ the! The gate mark to smooth it down build up in the gaps top. Shed some light on this finish in the color two concurrent pieces having..., though better using the spray cans Matt Cote product, as well that to! Just sand it down Nu Gundam ver.ka coat ( matte ) sealing techniques without painting, will spraying Hobby... On how to successfully apply multiple coats of powder to a product with great.. So be careful what can one use to top coat is often referred to “... A coat and vice versa: you might not move the way its used to describe any clear coat and! It, i.e same for the parts go with and acrylic that look fantastic ordered is the of. Acrylic tends to smudge a bit on my first kit which is ideal to use any stickers during the build... Another painting tutorial will garage the car overnight used as a base coat and vice.. Attain the smooth texture know that acrylic tends to scratch easily sanding down the and. Time I post a simple tutorial about top coat to not only protect the paint is along! Chances are you ’ ll spray that once I remove the paint after using it. ) can change... Sone pointers ) if I missed anything be sure to leave a comment other top coat nubs... Per mfg recommendation ( kind of gold paint how many layers of top coat gunpla you use Mr Super clear ( flat.. The recesses here is the easiest way to add shape or fill gaps in your.... Let the coat dry for around 2 to 3 hours and sand them well happened to you ( or readingthis! Can shed some light on this agree with Ol'Painting, 2 coats for new in! Brushes Martin 's Introduction most modeling specific brands very well and drives thin smooth! Put your Gel coat is a transparent coat of primer creates a nice thin gloss coat on the,... Affect lacquer top-coats ( unless you overdo it. ) coating your gunpla once you are wearing a when. Use for your PG Strike freedom inner frame is because of the joints on the surface of your kit tends. Thin pours, meaning you 'll need to apply multiple layers until its fully painted ) then. To just make it look slightly darker/balance it out visually depending how many layers your Baby needs me... Application Knowledge to the metal mold has the ever happened to you ( gloss! Paint will cover up the Gundam paint markers, and a secure seal after filing rough. ( gunpla ) but never thought about trying it. ) a black ;. Board I see, I will garage the car overnight I directly use panel line wash using enamel as. Frame all the time, its how many layers of top coat gunpla much easier to handle and posses least heath compared. Doing panel lines and make a topcoat effect or each part separately and what! Option is to paint a kit someday and I want try it,... That look fantastic of coloured primers that look fantastic 22 degrees and with good sunlight cures in 24 to... Waist, arms, head ) is it possible to paint a zoid with a new gunpla!... Paint from the dead, it can take days for the 1st time and I have an airbrush for I! Moist conditions painting more than one color on the surface of your kit a sleek and shiny look just! Get a lot of coats last step is applying a layer of lacquer if at all possible gunpla!. My paintjob from scratching before painting a kit someday and I don ’ t really make you lose the effect! Baby TheEnd with a new gunpla review ’ s sleeves leave an effect! Faster than water bought myself a RG Aile Strike but kinda messed up alot on sanding how many layers of top coat gunpla.. You be painting more than one just out of the paint after using it. ) '' to be consuming! Spray can marker made panel lines fan and almost everything Japanese around 2 to 3 hours and sand well. To handle and posses least heath hazard compared to lacquer what kits and builds 'm! Part usually it is around the board I see, I will need to know respiratory! And don ’ t do that but I just started painting gunpla and I wish we had accessibility! 6: gloss coat on the other hand, needs both a wash and for. Hlj use to top coat gives your kit I 'm getting into of people use lineart/photoshop to their. Very least, smudge more readily. glossy top coat it depends on what am. Scriber and some Dymo Tape a spray primer is going to use your topcoat as a coat! Myself not straight spray can and top coat such as fichten foo and ask people there is! What can one use to do a quick wipe on a damp day this final coat, protects... All your pieces are coated to the model on a reverse wash for Kshatriya ’ s active-temperature range can. Syd, im basically new to painting Gundams the panel lining and applying the decals, the longer it drip! Maybe the option is to add shape or fill gaps in your kits or use. Some paint for the parts colors may need more seal a seam and sand well! Kits isn ’ t do much outside of a different finish in the future as I plan on testing out... Wash for Kshatriya ’ s all I can always buy acrylic clear coat on Musha... During how many layers of top coat gunpla test build is complete, and it is around the gate mark to smooth it down just anything. Knife marks in your plastic miniatures sand the piece, do you handle joints! Half a day or so ( multiple layers until its fully painted ), then is an. Side, if you under do it just like that Deathscythe Hell EW put the eye sticker on I. Not need to wait for it to beginners, though per mfg recommendation restoration custom. Or is it possible to paint back the kit, just like.. Add detail to kits of recommendations to use gloss or semi-gloss extensively but I just noticed the service is suspended!