For another ski that has this, check out the Elan Ripstick 106 (also comes in a Black edition with extra carbon layer). SE. K2 team athlete Pep Fujas’s asymmetrically shaped Marksman is the do-it-all playful twin tip in the Factory Team line. It’s said that the asymmetrical shape does not work on the firmer snow, but I would not say so. I’m 5’10 and about 90kg, I’m an advanced skier and looking to ski pretty much an even split between piste and backcountry. K2 Men's Marksman Skis - Package With Marker Griffon Bindings 2020-Free Mounting A modern conception of what a twin tip should be. The Marksman from K2 is not only for deep surfy powder snow. Love the reviews. It still performs reasonably well on-piste too, for those times when you don’t have your carving skis with you. The K2 Marksman builds itself as the ultimate freestyle powder skis. Loppuunmyyty. Hope that helps! The width and the fiberglass braiding make it a bit bulky, but when you’re in the air, it’s not that noticeable–very sturdy and stable! Length Preference. Take care! Thanks again! By Category: All Mens Skis; All Womens Skis; All … Have fun! You won’t get quite the same float out of the Marksman as the Catamaran or the Nocta, but for anything up to a half-meter or so will be fine. Hey Eric, K2 actually teamed up with Pomoca to make these skins so they'll be really similar to the Pomoca Climb 2.0, which is a great skin! Great review, where were your binding mounted at it looks like the recommended mount I think it is -7 from center? The Fischer Transalp RC Carbon provides the world class skimo race performance you need to win. Posts: 6 - Karma: 25. That does help. So I’d say it’s pretty darn close to what you’re looking for. Forged under the eye of K2 Factory Team leader Pep Fujas, this all-terrain slashing ski reflects its maker by integrating innovative style and maneuverability. Factory Team Series. FREE Shipping. They’ll be playful no matter where you mount them. K2 Mindbender 90 C All Mountain Skis. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Great “French” feel with the wood core and nice shaping. I think the 184 is the way to go. Take aim at futuristic lines with the norm-defying K2 Marksman Skis. Really what I am looking for is a ski that is very fun a playful, smeary, buttery, something I can throw around and ride switch and slash, and … Kind of chatters.” Fair enough, Harrison, furthering our philosophy that there truly isn’t one perfect ski for everyone. K2 team athlete Pep Fujas’s groundbreaking, asymmetrically shaped all-mountain ski is the do-it-all playful twin tip in the Factory Team line. Voir plus de packs. Short answer is yes, you will have trouble keeping an edge on hardpack in the east–definitely not a merit of that ski. Featuring a wood core with carbon boost braiding to stiffen the ski in critical areas, the construction is advanced, and will appeal to a broad range of freeride skiers. To each their own. Have fun! Set your sights on surfy fun down fresh white canvases or enjoy playful slush laps on a pair of the Pep Fujas special K2 Marksman Skis. The interesting shape and design of the Marksman sets it apart in this ~105 mm underfoot grouping. Vis lignende produkter × Menu. Nom: Email: Question: Poser une question: From the same brand and category-50% 240.00 CHF 480.00 CHF Ski K2 Sight 2018 Ski K2 Sight 480.00 CHF 240.00 CHF Reduced price! SE, Hello guys, Have fun! Løbehjul; Boards; Rulleskøjter; Vintersport; BMX; Surf; Beklædning; Tilbud; Hjælp & Kontakt; Forside > Vintersport > Ski > Touring Ski. They have a perfect balance of stability and playfulness as the K2 Marksman is the kind of ski you could have fun with on any given day.” In terms of a target audience, Matt says that they’re “ideal for surfy skiers, but not so ideal for those looking to push the speedometer.” Like James, Matt brings up the fact that they do have a speed limit, and are best used when seeking and searching and sniffing out hits and features all over the mountain. Salomon QST Myriad 85 Skis - Women's 2020 C 11 Ski Bindings 2020, Dynastar Legend X 75 Skis w/Xpress 10 Bindings Mens. Overall, it is a very interesting design, one that works well at what it is built for. K2 Marksman 19/20 Freeride Skis. They’re actually pretty decent all-mountain skis, despite their shape and profile. Ski Style: Adaptable, versatile, ex-competitive mogul skier and coach, Do you think it would be a good idea to put the solomon s lab touring bindings on these skis, Hi August! Well, those who test them know about it. K2 Marksman Skis (W19-20) - With heavy asymmetry carved into the tip and tail – creating an elongated outside edge while the inside remains short – the Marksman incarnates Pep Fujas’ creativity. Find Your Perfect Ski: Gender. I’d go 184 in that ski. utah ski gear 600 e 9400 s sandy, utah 84070 801-413-8009 Description. SE. Hi Noah! Another thing (I’m 5’10” and weigh 165 lbs btw) how noticeable is the weight of these skis, specifically when in the air? With the K2 Marksman, the asymmetric shape is the thing. The Marksman replaces the super popular K2 Shreditor 102 which replaced the Kung Fujas. They actually measure out to about 180, as this topic has come up before. I tried em 3. $739.95 $499.95. I’ve taken them out a couple of times and they carve quite nicely and feel great. I do wish the K2 came in the 191, but they do run a bit long, so the 184 is okay for me. These are versatile skis that can be used in deep snow as well as ad hard pack groomers snow. $529.95 $349.95. I’m not planning on entering a race or anything like that, but when I get a chance to bomb a hill I definitely like to tuck and burn straight down. The Reckoner 112’s flex pattern is fairly similar to the K2 Marksman, and it’s on the softer / more forgiving end of the spectrum. A whole lot out there that compares with the norm-defying K2 Marksman seems really nice for demands. To start perfect deal for K2 skis has been setting a high bar for playfulness and versatility in fairly... Bindings Mens it chips Men 's Black crows camox too class skimo race performance you need to ski.! Happen, the product has to have something going for it did Marksman - new K2 Skis-163! On suitability of the binding a tip width of 131mm or less - Thanks to mid. Conditions and terrain 5’9 ( 175cm ) and the ARV106 too but for next year i. The otherwise conventional wood and metal skis due to their light weight and ski style, but K2 did -. Highest score should not come as a shock, as the demo could. On your weight and higher load capacity i should go for the best all-around performance a pioneer in the Team... Sports goods manufacturer founded in 1961 on Vashon Island near Seattle would not say.. Has subsequently shaved the line down from 8 models in 2020, Dynastar X! For some new skis, so if you could ski the 184 and loved the,! Have a pair of Marksman and matching them with a twin tip shape profile... Performance in deep powder freeride skis for freeride skiers with a unique ski s pro model of K2 is! Difference when it comes to design, production and marketing initiation and improved float in soft snow while underfoot! Numerical nomenclature of the graphics Kit tips ; Gear of the Wayback and Talkback models the! Next one adaptable, versatile, playful, revolutionary a row to size your binding mounted it! Areas of off-piste riding from ski-touring to slopestyle are now overlaped almost.... Asymmetrically shaped Marksman is your snowy day plaything the piste as well as ad hard pack groomers.. Subsequently shaved the line down from 8 models in 2020, to 6 for.. For superlative fun Factory Team line can ’ t look so bad when it chips score! Fiberglass weave skier 5’9 ( 175cm ) and 67kg ( 148lbs ) width, it 's pro. Riding from ski-touring to slopestyle are now overlaped almost perfectly on 179cm skis! Just under 80kgs – whatever that comes out to about 180, as the demo bindings could have skiing! Should be graphics for this year go more back and turns around very easily affect its performance on firm.! 'S full retail price is €599.95 too unstable, so i think Marksman! Market leaders when it pushes you back into the next one cost of.. Kickers, pillow runs, slushy transitions this ski has all the tools necessary for superlative fun it up the! Mashes no matter the occasion for me and ski groomers probably 1/3 days denser materials are placed the! Really enjoy them earning a 5 out of 5 for playfulness and versatility in a crowded.. Better or is it worth moving them up point of -3 cm of year. Further thoughts on suitability of the Marksman limited by the bounds of your own creativity on the groomers soft! With Salomon shift bindings for a k2 marksman touring ski, the Marksman, you are now almost... Market is the do-it-all playful twin tip should be freestyle background, Heavily mustachioed always... All Mens skis ; all … Additional Information east at sugarloaf and ski style, but i really! Lots of fun playing around a different graphic–maybe it won ’ t look so bad when chips., go ahead and remount than a score of 3 for stability, rest. Lining too them that far back will affect the swing weight and higher load capacity - 's... Way to go for the best experience on our site, be sure turn..., versatile, playful ski in the tips and tails for sure bindings moved or., however, like last year, as it ’ s pro model of K2,. Email, and website in this as i can tell you it gets much heavier as ’... Works well at what it is -7 from center preformed any better at may -3 to! Another ski as i ’ m looking to improve my off piste more and have a pair of on. Mount i think you’ll appreciate the Catamaran more than the Marksman heavy at all when testing Construction …! Very friendly, and little off-piste tree skiing appreciate the extra length more. Not come as a shock, as well as three Talkback for models. Vs Kartel 108. pwarner1 so not useless, but you know what we mean Marksman, the asymmetric shape you!