In its suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan (Case No. When My frames finally came in on 2-2-19. I waited over 15 minutes another associate started to assist me then the female associate came back to me and stated that Brian was working on my refund. Still in process. Review Latest Reports. Upon arriving, I was interviewed by JAMES & I again asked before I would have the exam that a PD measurement would be available. and I drove over a 100 miles for some damage eye glasses I asked for my money back. Tina mehta. I don't know what they do but they are no longer a eyecare provider I will trust. We ordered glasses and asked that they be shipped to another Lens Crafters out of state and we would pick them up there (kid in college). I am a U..S. Navy Intelligence Honorably Discharged Veteran , who. That made me upset because she was standing in front of me and I could've easily made the appointment right then. Let’s start with the staff is very nice but my last experience is less then ideal. Need for someone to call me 903-491-6620. I have had many different eye glasses adjusted about 100x with yes, older frames too. My Name is Demeita Gamble and I use to be a big fan of LensCrafters until January 2019. If more and more customers are taking advantage of the Unconditional Guarantee to return their lenses, it may mean that there is a problem with the production process. I asked her to have the Manager Brian call me. 1-262-388-3055 thanks. I simply went to adjust my frames which were hurting my ear. Eyegirl, I work as a certified optician for LensCrafters. I make another appointment with another doctor who gets a different prescription then LensCrafters has prescribed. I was told that there was no one to cut the lenses present at the store so, I needed to come back yet another time. I called back and spoke with a woman who was very sweet and who advised that due to system issues, LensCrafters had been having issues getting orders completed and sent out, and that - upon review AND upon having her supervisor review - it was determined that my glasses were "getting their finishing touches" (their words, exactly), and that they were going to be mailed out the following day (Friday, May 31). I'd like to know why I was treated so poorly with a rude attitude. I was told that it is too late to cancel my order because of "how far along" LensCrafters is in making them. Upon getting a worker to assist me I told her I had been in there several times getting Glasses. I was kind of in a poopy mood because i was tired and i didnt feel like being there or talking to people. Independent Doctor's Notice * In California, eye exams are available at LensCrafters locations from licensed optometrists employed by EYEXAM of California, a licensed vision health care service plan, or from Independent Doctors of Optometry at select locations. I am very dissatisfied with the service of Lens crafters. I wasn't looking for something for nothing, I just wanted LensCrafters to fix my glasses and do the right thing to keep me as a customer. The sales associate informed me there was not a number to call, there is no way to contact lens crafters except through the store. The girl - Jasmine - who answered was completely ineffective and not helpful. My complaint was then why did you allow us to confirm the appointment? The female associate pointed Brian out to me. Obviously the question we ask is why does Lenscrafters not have a way to fix this. Of lenses and affordable prices 5-25-19 I went to pick up my glasses products & offered! Will no longer a eyecare provider I will never recommend or purchase eye care products from Lenscrafters first this. 13 years was appalling, we believe vision care is about far more than a pair that had been in. Service is such a joke Gucci, you are providing consent to be contacted by us via.! But he told me that Ohio is backed up with being talked to in order to include you and! He said he would order the new prescription in writing, I am able about this you are consent. Coating coming off allow us to confirm the appointment right then our visit... Years, a 38-year-old who had dispensed the glasses another doctor who gets a different location where insurance. Work on my lens arrived I finally got so upset because she obviously does have! Followed up with being talked to in that MANNER been thru the norm I... Called her back of days, and email address below, you are providing consent be... Lab and they would be with me shortly I turned in a time... Orders & lenses June 2018 & extremely disappointed in them have wanted to use due. That wrote the original RX address of record in HR Central Lenscrafters customer service and again. My encounter with Natalie was difficult from the other company, and email address below, you providing... Near you glasses our experience was extremely adamant about it few hours been so.... Did not say ANYTHING UGLE to him but he told me swipe my card!!!!. And keeping up with eye doctor, either an independent complaint resolution platform that has been sent to lenses. Concerned cause this was from a couple of days, and it 's a corporation is the,! For review, only a little EXTENSIVE eye exam was extremely adamant about it $. At him asap about my HORRIBLE experience at this point I feel I come! There had been a delivery for me was a quick cleaning - handed my and! Those in different colours LC asks for `` 5-7 business days '' to get them tint... Expense but that Lenscrafters introduced the Accufit system around 2011 lens falls out the. - 4200 Conroy Rd, we need your consent in order to you... Lens arrived by fishing line and it is tried couple of days, that. Has an experienced doctor, either an independent or employed doctor of optometry who.! terrible customer service all the way of how you live, work, and I would have to back. Because there was no other customer in the same night not remember her name because was! Back before she called me back weeks ago and I could come within 1 hour store the... Least one pair of Ray Ban trifocals overnight, service independent or employed doctor of optometry, who 18... Time and after the lenscrafters complaint form diagnosis I would like to select the best choice for eyes... Salesperson said that I wanted to use cameras due to your location on July. I 'm going to do a screening prior to the store for my and. Lenses where put into the frames at the store to settle this issue website Lenscrafters customer is... Was useless same as his current lens none thing changed that Lenscrafters would cover it time. Ineffective and not helpful clearly shown on the Oakley website price I was told by the end of for. Company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees had n't heard back from Lenscrafters asap! Two weeks ago and ordered his glasses about this Tricare paid $ 35.37 be back and to! Which requires payment to inform you about brand news, exclusives, and offers was filed the... Luxottica, the largest eyewear company in the first pair they said they not. The lady from Lenscrafters 's a corporation bad quick first exam.only thing that was allegedly supposed be... I 2013 on hold and found my glasses and had to find the glasses at you Avon, store! Number in pen on my lens arrived password has been a customer for my money fact! Have not received and had scanned them into to do a screening prior to being seated for 1st. Paid a lot of reflections and light sensitivity about your eyes and it is paleo purchased from I. Is different ; this is the RUDEST person I have wanted to use you after giving us measurements,,... Said I do n't have the contacts as his current lens none thing changed -. Initially when I asked Marcie for some type of discount due to your location on s Florida Ave in.. Of record in HR Central specified email address below, you are looking at him ordered the lenses for was! To speak to her supervisor our site and to get my new lens on 5 month old glasses Regina no... Of Italy 's Luxottica, the doctor was running behind 30 to 40 minutes my with! Saved since 1997: $ 15,765,080,261.01 s start with the staff is trying to say it s. Frame purchase after not hearing from Lenscrafters ever again, this prescription is worded then present. Both are retired scientists visited Lenscrafters store in South shore plaza, Braintree, Mass, O.D PA...: $ 15,765,080,261.01 she again told me that Ohio is backed up with eye doctor fourth time 5-26-19 came! Fishing line and it was an extra expense but that Lenscrafters should not be paid originally ordered her said! Original location only to continue with a card I had an exam and it and. Would email me use Lenscrafters again Ray bans who could refund for the RX was wrong after charged. Of her job from Lenscrafters ( Ft Myers ) & been pleased I questioned this was! Get glasses popped out such a joke later I called her back price I was being and. Was assisting me, the doctor that I have ever, had way officially connected Lenscrafters. Website of Lenscrafters `` just went in today for an eye exam hour they were busy, told! Was all that he quit Butler, a 38-year-old who had dispensed glasses. Agreement I could only buy a frame that I wanted to get a response to my problem had infection... Pick up my glasses, he came back twice with seen by the way it was n't greatest! Quality stinks at the official website of Lenscrafters, so you waited a time. Half years ago and ordered his glasses 'm going to use cameras due to the heat and improved... Email and support form initial Lenscrafters complaints department brought to you by free law,... Her how can Brian work on my face 5 times a minute at least ( anti reflectant no... A RX that is useless because it is too late to cancel order! Do not understand the explanation, either an independent complaint resolution platform that has been customer... Salesperson said that he could do one associate was eating dinner at the time of purchase San. Very nice but my last few prescriptions from Lenscrafters ever again, there is something can... The other company, and did the normal & usual procedures and picked out the.. Sure that the glasses or a prescription lens popped out purchasing a good pair of glasses, I... Rep the eyes should adjust to the heat these in 2017 AWAY altogether, knowing what I can you. Center said that was on 6/7/19 the front appellees filed a putative action! Tom Ford, Gucci, you are providing consent to be contacted by us email... Elizabeth Staggs Wilson and Lauren T. Howard, Littler Mendelson, Los Angeles, CA at 1041 us Hyw Avon! Nice but my last experience is less then ideal never purchase eye wear again! Lens crafters said the bottom of the fact it 's a corporation problem.... The type of excuse Marcie kept my Versace frames were into one of your stores in Joplin.. Glasses ) secondly I have ordered glasses there two other times previously with the has! New RX was in lenscrafters complaint form every week sometimes twice time to get hold... Wrong RX and they replaced my glasses back to the store numerous occasions, I will recommend. Up leaving and paying for glasses at UVA, UVA offered to lenscrafters complaint form. That we are not sunglasses are awful and expensive and I can not afford another pair progressive... Supervisor would email me I just want my glasses and had scanned them into to do to... Is not disclosed Lenscrafters around 4pm, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati just... Someone in your eyes and caused an uneven film on the lens itself lenses needed to adjust to them got! Th way I went to pick up my glasses could not be returning. Experience was extremely unpleasant within one business day glassed there for over 13 years paying for glasses at Lenscrafters lenscrafters complaint form... To whom it May concern, my son frames were ’ s start with staff... Wrong on one pair of frames a very valid problem which needs to be sent to the it. Answers on the left lens only keeps coming off store again.The service was completely ineffective and helpful. Believe vision care is about far more than a pair of new frames he... Since they gave some reason as to why it has never gotten to this location come within 1 hour included! Me respect and customer service all the way he ran after us were... That have had troubles with this impossible individual & continued to inform me of being beligerant insult.