The tint comes in a variety of colors, each formulated for optimal balance between the light reflection, transmission, and absorption of the lens, depending on the environment and activity. It’s an excellent all-purpose, high-contrast lens that works well in sunny conditions with bright to extremely bright light. Their first partnership was with Oakley and since then they have been working with other partners to incorporate adaptive lenses into their frames. Here is a list of Oakley Lens Tints. The Oakley Jawbreaker Clear Black Iridium Photocromatic replacement lenses allow you to customize the Oakley glasses and obtain the best optical performance. Or are you playing a midday round under full sun with high-contrast shadows? Sport performance lens for flat to bright light. Both Tungsten and Jade Iridium lenses will enhance color perception and contrast next time you hit the links. So, while the UV rays are causing the molecules to make the lenses darker, hot summer temperatures have the opposite effect and will actually prevent the lenses from obtaining their darkest tint. this is the first year for the Nike Speed Tint which was specifically designed for runners but is also recommended for cycling. In addition to Nike and Oakley, Transitions also has partnerships with Bell Helmets and Callaway. CONTRAST. The addition of Oakley’s Iridium anti-glare coating provides even more protection from harmful UV rays. PRIZM™ LENS CONDITIONS VLT PRIZM™ Black Iridium Bright Sunny weather: 3 - 8% S3: All models PRIZM™ Sapphire Iridium Bright / Medium Clouds: 8 - 18% S3 - S2: All models PRIZM™ Jade Iridium Bright / Medium Clouds: 8 - 18% S3 - S2: All models PRIZM™ Torch Iridium Bright / Medium Clouds: 8 - 18% S3 - S2: All models PRIZM™ Rose Medium … For Instance, Plutonite is capable of blocking out all harmful UV radiations and other light rays. This tends to make you believe that more sunlight=darker tint and less sunlight=clearer lenses which, as the user sees it, is exactly how they perform. There is a life-span for the photochromic cells, the more you wear and activate them, the faster they wear out. The lenses are available in most of Oakley’s frames. Frais de livraison : à partir de 5,49 € Détails. Oakley Flak Jacket Transitions Lenses. Prizm Polarised Lenses . These goggles are the darkest lens in the Oakley PRIZM Snow collection and are perfect for the bright-sunny-clear sky adventures. These lenses are not a good choice for driving lenses so you will need to have a second set of lenses or sunglasses to use for driving. Non-Transitions Black Iridium lenses are on the bottom for comparison. //