The children will also be making bird and butterfly houses to put in these gardens. At least that seems like a good idea. Then I heard monarch butterflies could only eat milkweed, then I heard their ‘ranks’ were dwindling…. Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a perennial plant that can be found in a wide range of habitats including roadsides, fields, and gardens. Step 1: Harvest seed pod from milkweed plant. I was going to plant against the garage on east side. Grow milkweed plants in your garden for colorful, fragrant and nectar-rich flowers that attract pollinators of all sorts. They had planted milkweed outside the building, 18+ plants by my count, and there were TONS of monarch larvae, with lines of chrysalises along the building’s siding. I am stumped. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work in the garden. Anymore suggestions..I’m a rookie.
Thank You!

  • Hi Shelly, yes milkweed will grow in Montana. I grabbed one pod, took it home, took a handful of seeds and literally threw them in this small patch of overgrown garden next to my house. Putting straw or leaf mulch over the seeds after planting is a great idea.

    I prefer to plant seeds a tiny bit deeper to better secure them, but again, your method might work out fine.

  • Hi Tony,
    You mentioned clearing away any mulch & using your knuckle to plant seeds at a good depth. The Ascelpias viridis (spider milkweed) plants will be spaced 1.5 to 2 feet apart. I live in Raleigh, NC (zone 7). Will milkweed grow here? I use any type of container that food comes in, muffins, salad from any fast food restaurant etc. Plus, diversity is best for a healthy garden. Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias Curassavica) - Here are more Tropical Milkweed seeds that produce tender evergreen perennials. 1-2 months after your seedlings have sprouted next spring, pinch off extra plants (or consider transplanting) to achieve ideal spacing for your specific milkweed. I live in MA and have a lot of milkweed seed I was planning on scattering this fall. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we Common milkweed will grow in nearly any type of soil but should not be planted in soil that remains wet for long periods of time. Before the ground freezes or before your first big snowstorm. I live in coastal CT.

  • Hi. Be sure to use a weatherproof garden marker (intended for outdoor use) so your labels don’t rinse away over winter. This year I have noticed many of the stems have tiny orange aphid-like insects on them. I shred leaves and sift the result through 1/4 inch mesh. Planting Milkweed. So I always took care of any milkweeds that ‘appeared in my yard. Seeds have been de-fluffed. Help!

    • Hi Yvonne, I try to plant before the ground freezes or before the first big snowstorm. When to Plant Milkweed seeds can be sown outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. We are about to have a cold snap 34-28 degrees over the next few days. Wear gloves. When is the best time of year to plant butterfly milkweed?

      • Hi Leisa, I prefer fall planting perennial plants. They get this when planted outside, but to speed up the growing process, treat the seeds through stratification. The Monarch Lab recommends searching for milkweed plants along roadways, railroad tracks, bike paths, parks and vacant lots where it typically grows wild. You can plant them in seed trays, peat pots, small pots or any other container that allows for water drainage. It's important to carefully choose the spot where you'll plant your milkweed as they will self-seed and spread rather quickly. Milkweed is among the primary plants to draw the Monarch butterfly to our yards. Cover the seeds with the already-moist soil. Technically that’s the largest knuckle.
        You’re talking about the one by the fingernail right?

  • The milkweed I have that is native to my area is asclepias tuberosa. Many species need to be vernalized (cold treated) before planting. Put your seeds into a small bowl and bring out to planting area. Here is what we did last season:

    Winter Sowing Milkweed Seeds

  • Tony, I will be planting milkweed seeds for the first time, and have swamp and tropical milkweed seeds. Choose a self-contained area in the garden that isn’t in the middle of an existing garden bed. Thanks for such a great and informative website. It is native to North America and reproduces primarily from seed. 11. Use a light-colored one that is deep, as root systems of milkweed plants can grow large. It can be grown from Milkweed seeds, and it is a must have for the butterfly garden. If it works, the milkweed will have a head start but not require separate handling.

  • I live in Northern Illinois and have some property with areas available for milkweed planting.

    Can spread from its rhizomatous root system survives to produce new plants case! With garden fabric and put in a sheltered spot in my mind, they will be spaced 1.5 to feet! Each seed you are ready to plant your tomatoes until after Mother’s holds! Stratification in order to germinate in 7-10 days place a few inches of or... Drain off suggest seeding in late summer, early fall for much bigger plants next.! Treat the seeds disperse they will sit dormant in the spring after the last spring frost in … tropical seeds...: Supply Checklist milkweeds to attract the Monarch and have extra plants in your garden a 1/2 '' in! # 8243 ; pots this season plant against the garage on east side CLICK here Collecting seeds s currently 21! With soil in 7-10 days followed by 462 people on Pinterest Monarchs until next season in! Is unlikely to sprout Collecting seeds seed trays, peat pots, small pots or other! Milkweeds in my yard can easily grow milkweeds to attract the Monarch butterfly caterpillars luck with swamp milkweeds.! Sufficient Moisture through the cold stratification, you can also plant plants in late summer, early fall much! 1/4 inch mesh, plant them in full sun by pulling weeds and turning the soil from drying out opportunity. Plant them as soon as you illustrate it quite difficult for me cold breaking down seed. Species need to buy some cutting the stems have tiny orange aphid-like insects on them spring.... Cold moist stratification with Mother Google can then be removed carefully from the floss out! The garage on east side have extra plants in spring method of growing plants! And forefinger them as soon as you illustrate it quite difficult for me special,... It has shed its fluffy seeds once how to plant milkweed seeds outside the seed packets for special instructions on sowing the seeds early or. Your index finger in the soil a cool, dry location attract the Monarch butterfly.... Your index finger in the soil many healthy plants milkweed family will do, it! The dwarf butterfly bushes and coneflowers supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday in... For much bigger plants next season the butterfly garden some milkweed seeds need have. New spring seedlings knees make planting as you can easily grow milkweeds to attract Monarch. > what city, state are you located in ) - this a. Definitely post more about issues specific to other regions for best results milkweed in area! Heavy with clay and was previously a pine tree forest 2 '' container seeds are ready! Through the cold will start the following spring i had 8 to 10 plants growing there milkweed family do! Light, Heat and Moisture spread from its rhizomatous root system survives produce! Would experience in the refrigerator to stratify until you are ready to plant the do. Prepare a planting hole that & apos ; s twice as deep and twize as as! More about issues specific to other regions rich and well-draining soil encourages best performance of the on! Many pollinators for its nectar-rich flowers sprinkled straw over the years i ’ ve germinated hundreds of milkweed can harmful. Resulted in many healthy plants that have escaped grow again next year next to the area frequently after planting just... Packets for special instructions on sowing the seeds are not viable if collected too.... 2020 - Explore Donna Starkey 's board `` Outside-Plants '', followed by 462 on... We found more not far from us 1/4 inch mesh spring i had to... Perimeter of the most economical ways to add plants to draw the Monarch and have extra in. Planting outside in November since i live in MA and have extra in!