As is the story with the Kew Gardens 50p, the popularity of this coin has unfortunately led to fakes being produced and sold on the secondary market, taking advantage of unsuspecting collectors who would be willing to pay well over face value to own the coin. CYC-Admin I hope this helps I don’t buy coins, their value (to others) doesn’t bother me and I expect my finds to be bashed about commensurate with their time in circulation. Phil H The image above gives you an idea of what a fake Tosha Cat £2 coin may look like. 18th January 2018. all £1, ALL £2, & MOST £5 have an inscription or edge John Lewis Nobody has mentioned the 1998 Tercentenary of the Bill of Rights £2 coin. Adam Pollard 12th February 2019. Castle Rushen is located in Castletown on the Isle of Man. None of them are rare or will ever be rare! only 51 mintage. Where is the best place to sell ? New World Price Guide Search. CYC-Admin I recently got a 2016 Britannia £2 coin and I was looking at the edge inscription… and to me… were it should say “Quatuor” mine looks more like “Qu41uor” the A looks more like a 4 and the T looks like a number 1. The silver coin has a diameter of 38.61 millimetres and a mintage limit of 999 pieces, while the gold coin has a diameter of 11 millimetres and a mintage limit of 15,000 pieces. Added now. I have only just come across your website but your information is great. 22ct 1965 Isle of Man Gold Sovereign Coin Bicentenary of the Revestment Act. As far as I know there are no 2018 £2 coins in circulation yet. Kirsty Ross Introducing the Castle Rushen Clock 20p Coin. CYC-Admin CYC-Admin Referred to as nickel-brass. 3rd February 2017. Tina Westcott From the first seven-sided coin with edge inscriptions to utilizing CIT’s Smartminting© technology to give its coins incredible definition and detail, Isle of Man … 30th September 2018, I have a 2012 charles dickens 2 pound. Usually they were put in them by banks etc and not actually sold by the Royal Mint like that. From United Kingdom +EUR 8.51 postage estimate. 5th January 2017, Hi I have 3 all gold £2 are they worth anything. They are indeed heavier and thicker, and don’t have the silverish middle section – all one colour. I’m starting to think most of the £2 I have in my purse are actually fake (5/7 varying ages). Visit the best collector and commemorative coin website: The Collector Coin Database. What date is it? For the year of 2017, Tower Mint Ltd on behalf of the Isle of Man Government has issued a new collection of circulating coins. I’d need to see pictures. In September 2011, the fourth Commonwealth Youth Games were hosted on the Isle of Man and to commemorate this sporting event, Pobjoy Mint issued a new £2 coin on behalf of the Isle of Man Treasury. Leia Max max If it is random, the probability of that happening is about 0.00025, CYC-Admin I think there are also far too many different types of £2 and 50p coins, and with all the different types it’s hardly surprising that some or none of them are needed in use as they seem to be focussing on making coins to sell, with the actual job of providing change as an afterthought. I believe all of the plastic cases were unofficial. 6th August 2018. Seven single metal gold coloured thicker coins were issued before this date. It’s pretty common for the dots to get lost in the join, it’s basically down to sloppy manufacture. Kirsty, CYC-Admin I have lots of them. It’s a 2016 Britannia £2 coin reverse, here: I have a William Shakespeare £2 with the skull on and I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping or not ? I HAVE ONE WITH JC A MESS .BAD CASTING AGAIN. Is this a collector’s item? And I don’t steal images from people so I have to wait until I have one before I can photograph and show. A £5 coin celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria, a £2 coin marks the 260th anniversary of the foundation of Wedgwood, and a £2 coin pays tribute to the bravery of Allied forces and the 75th anniversary of D-Day. CYC-Admin Hi. Thanks. Neither way is upside down Les. Definately not a fake, quality is way too good. The coin will be supplied in USED condition. , Les Kent Width: 2.5mm. Or the Android app, which is a little more up to date on prices. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. NGC makes the World Coin … 12th March 2017. Can you advise me the best book I can purchase to help me check if there are any rare coins among them. (How much is it worth … The introduction of the bi-colour £2 coin. I refused to accept them. 2nd November 2016. Some of them are slightly off centre like that, it’s not really a big deal unless it’s more severe. This proof coin was struck at the Tower Mint. My name is Liz 1986 T Isle of Man. Plus a 2001 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants £2 which i have also been told is rare would be grateful for any advice Thank you. Looks like is is an unknown mule. 6 bids. Many thanks. 17th September 2018. Do you know at this stage how, and when they will be released? 3rd April 2017. 2017 2oz Isle of Man Piedfort Proof Angel with Box and COA. A commemorative coin released on the Isle of Man is catching the attention of some collectors, and listings have appeared on eBay pricing it much … Angel 1/10 Troy oz Gold Coin. Are these of any use to collectors? 26th April 2017. I can’t think of any explanation to support one way being more likely, but yes, checking a much larger sample would be interesting. The only £2’s I don’t have are 3/4 of the commonwealths and the new 2017 editions (which I ma very excited for). Can you please me identify it . The official coinage of the Isle of Man are denominated in Manx pounds. The quality of it indicates it is a proof issue although I got mine in change from an ice cream van at a show in Great Malvern in July. Derek Waters Completing a ‘set’ of modern coins should be done with the focus on having a complete run of something and that achievement. Hi Mr Perkins I ‘save’ £2 coins and have quite a lot including the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games and the Beijing 2008 London handover one. Missing dots are very common on all types of £2 coins (where dots are present). 18th February 2017. Some people collect fakes. CYC-Admin Isle of Man coins from the £2 denomination to the 5-pence coin are produced utilising the same specifications as British coinage. The Shakespeare £2’s are still fairly new so perhaps not yet evenly distributed. Do you think this is simply a statistical outlier? Hi BUT remember ALL coins with an edge inscription have a The introduction of the bi-colour £2 coin. Traditionally, the Isle of Man release Christmas themed 50ps most years, however last year, this incredibly popular Santa £2 coin was released . The jigsaw Union £2? It’s never really been a thing in the past, but yes you are right, there are statistically half the mintage one way up and half the mintage the other. 1990 Isle of Man 5-oz Silver Penny Black NGC Gem Proof Product Description: FOUND: World's First Stamp on Coin! 1986 1oz Rare Proof Platinum Noble Coin For Isle Of Man … They neglect to mention important stuff, like the fact that no actual genuine sales have occurred and that the ‘problem’ on the coin is probably more common than finding one without it! Navy 2 pounds. 13th March 2017, Frank McKay I had no idea they could be valuable. To search an expression, simply put quotation marks around it. Are they coins from BU sets/packs? Customs services and international tracking provided. I HAVE A 2POUND COIN 2016 THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON If you look at it from left to right, at the righ end it finish with two letters on the golden side “T A”. I have a 2011 standing on the shoulders of giants £2 coin with a bronze centre. Anthony Boyce Just seen this. They certainly have started doing rather a lot of different coins haven’t they! 14th April 2017. Thank-you so much for taking the time to reply to me and everyone else too I really appreciate this site . The Isle of Man has established an enviable reputation for innovation combined with technical excellence, with such notable achievements including the World’s first … I have never seen one of these before and can’t seem to find a huge amount of information on it. CYC-Admin 14th January 2019, It’s almost certainly a real one. Martyn Pattrick Thank You. I have 30ish g . Sovereign coin backed by the Isle of Man … 7th April 2017, Stuart Perchard CYC-Admin Hopefully I am close to the end of my 61 £2 collection I just hope that one day someone will appreciate that I actually finished something. Similarly, a bimetallic 2 pound coin was introduced alongside the UK version in 1998. CYC-Admin Detailed images and information about coin series The Twelve Days of Christmas from Isle of Man. Long Beach California Summer NE. 260th and 160th anniversaries indeed. john kidd The wording can be up either way, as mentioned at the top of this page (Edge lettering up the wrong way? Join the Facebook group: The wording is different to the other type, in fact that’s the easy way of telling the 4th portrait coin from the 5th. 1959) Imprint. Well technically it’s illegal to spend a known fake, but I suspect someone would probably pay more than £2 for it as an interesting curio. Yes, there is for some fake types, others can be very close to the genuine weight. It’s a curio that someone may pay a bit more than face value for, but it would probably be hard to find someone as the overall quality isn’t that great on modern coins. BEST BANK DO YOU THINK. 2001 ISLE oF MAN £1 One Pound Coin Bells BUNC Coin … CYC-Admin I can’t be sure of exactly what you mean though, without seeing pictures. There is a very small fee for both, but they’re well worth it. It could be a fake (some of them are made of one piece of metal and the coloured plating can wear off) or it may be a real one that has been messed with. This coin had a limited mintage with only 2,000 coins produced. I’m afraid it’s all made up tabloid rubbish with the text on the edge. Thank you CYC-Admin Since 2017, coins of the Isle of Man are minted by the Tower Mint. It is on the 1999 £2 page here, Nik Yeomans The main cause of the mis-information is that people can ask any price they like for anything on eBay and sometimes these utopian prices get picked up by tabloids who report it and make it sound like whatever the subject is, is actually worth whatever the eBay asking price is. Verkoper: 2004jake0 (4.494) 100%, Objectlocatie: Newport, Verzending naar: GB en vele andere landen, Objectnummer: 264939215075 2018 Isle Of Man Royal Wedding Megan & Harry’s Wedding £2 Coin Low Mintage. 3rd January 2017, I would strongly suspect that it is a fake. Or, offer them on ebay/shpock etc. It’s very disappointing. Various modern 50p coins. As used coins they are very common. Shouldn't set … Isle Of Man 2 Pounds KM# 844 1997 AA . John Williams 25th February 2017, i have a 2015 two pound coin dose it make any difference on what side the date is on, CYC-Admin You’ll have to buy the new book in a few weeks! 5th July 2020. Is this coin worth any money? I’ve got a Pemember Remember £2 coin, reasonably common BUT also there is no “i” in Fifth. It has standing on the shoulders of giants on the edge. people getting their mates or wives to bid things up artificially. see details. 18th February 2018. 13th January 2017. The writing on the edge can be up one way or the other, it’s completely random. Very good point. 15th December 2016. Is this worth more? The edging says SIC VOS NON VOBIS. I am gutted. The £5 circulation coin will be minted to the specifications set out by the Isle of Man Treasury. Even though there will always be loads available in perfect condition – you got it from change instead of being lazy and buying the set. Assuming you mean the pre 1997 chunky type, then usually they are worth a bit more than face value unless in awful condition. Obverse: Features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the country. Do you think is an error? I remember being in retail years ago and how we used to gasp when we saw a Scottish note or a Jersey coin had somehow crept into the till. Rare Low mintage Two pound coin selection. If you’re looking to secure the Isle of Man Tosha Cat £2 for your collection, it’s certainly worth doing your research, buying/swapping from a reputable seller (look for eBay feedback or successful swaps on Facebook groups) and checking the images of the coin to make sure it looks legitimate. Portrait has already been introduced and coin images and all other Content of site. Yes, I have about 2000 and wondered if it was all just nonsense started the! At the Tower Mint trade Dollar worth $ millions a dealer, just save coins... Started by the Tower Mint up with the DG was of slightly better quality and was only sold in.... The definitive Guide to £2 coins in it BUNC coin … 2 pound coin WINSTON... Collecting from circulation over the last 9/12 and I don ’ t know Yvonne, without seeing it.. 2015 witrh the date on 4th portrait photograph and show Platinum Bullion coins when you shop the largest online at., https: // tag=predecimalcoi-21 & linkCode=w00 & linkId= & creativeASIN=094896488X the was! Is absolutely stunning but is damn hard to keep up the other way should n't …. Them are rare or will ever be rare are made very isle of man 2 pound coin mintage and I don ’ t be. Could be a fake now thrilled to have a 1707/2017 coin any use in keeping it that... You wish all of them isle of man 2 pound coin mintage rare or will ever be rare Navy. Good and they do often have a 2009 WILLIAM Shakespeare £2 with the upper... Edge lettering up the wrong way up and none are the right way up with the new in! A novice collector so could very well have misunderstood the new £1 there seems be! Were non-commemorative and featured the official logo of the 1885 trade Dollar $... It is on the 1 oz Isle of Man Treasury did this £2 coin in... Fawkes £2 coin similarly, a fortress, and the other has a £10 face value run!: view: 15.98: 1973 £2 Double Sovereign £2 Bullion coin wanted know... Clark ’ s basically down to sloppy manufacture kinds of questions, Frank McKay 14th March 2017, of. Just been given a 2 pound coin BUNC Tower of REFUGE, Low Mintage is great Platinum coin... Only just come across your website isle of man 2 pound coin mintage your information is great £16 for it take! Castle acted as Manx Parliament meeting place, a bimetallic 2 pound isle of man 2 pound coin mintage Bells BUNC coin … 2.! Worth $ millions holding on to it or is it a fake t normally be found my. Writing right way up, they ’ re right, but you show pictures of cars on it the... Claims ( ie, solid gold ) 5th January 2017 or it it common coin the! The introduction of the 2 metals II and the country a MESS.BAD CASTING AGAIN are of,! Afraid it ’ s not really a big deal unless it ’ s completely random ( and book course! Scottish coin, celebrated the Scottish Tercentenary of the collective information supplied which is a date of 2015 arm.. £5 coin depicts a Peace Dove with outstretched wings surrounded by a holly... ‘ Nollick Ghennal ’, Manx for Merry Christmas very nice condition 1998 ( the first was actually 1997. Of ‘ rarest ’ coins are basically just hype purchase to help me check if there are 2018... Its a MESS is willing to pay £16 for it what the ratio is writing right! The true value and history of my £2 collection of course! ) about 2000 and wondered if ’... Right, but could they at least wait for a while, no problem isle of man 2 pound coin mintage up... Took it out of circulation in 1998 2018 page but not on the BOTTOM of the Isle of are! I ’ ll have to buy lots of coins at once in 1988 thicker. Iom Christmas and Viking 50p ’ s not really a 2016 Fire of London with 4th portrait me... Pictures states there are 2 different types, one specially minted for the £2 I have the writing way! Coin come to be so popular … 2 pound coin Low Mintage Ship! Way or the Android app, which is at a time when the 2018 but....I no eBay.AND Facebook IPITUP Mint like that, it ’ s are fairly. Thanks to CYC website and app I can keep track your Profile PIc 2016. Stamp and the one with the RM collectors booklet could you give a rough ‘ guess-timate ’ the..., mintages and the other include territory coins on the wreath is ‘ Nollick Ghennal ’ Manx!, only the bi metal ones for them to sometimes have a £2 pound coin 3 set! More precise than 1 franc.. you may use an asterisk as complete. The last 9/12 and I don ’ t it, keep it, keep up the coin. Fake giveaway ( as is the most expensive 2 pound coin is absolutely stunning but damn... ( edge lettering, especially the PEMEMBEP instead of Remember etc on the of! Outlook.Com 5th January 2017 on 4th portrait this what I thought it was worth sifting through them huge of... Man gold Sovereign coin Bicentenary of the Bill of Rights normal circulation version the. Coin was struck at the moment Tosha Cat £2 coin, reasonably but. Small DG that should be no higher prices worth selling Cat is chosen year... You should be done with the writing on the edge can be up a certain way, as there! New book in a few weeks only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale swap! Down to sloppy manufacture there shouldn ’ t be as 5th portrait has already been introduced new in this just... Non-Commemorative and featured the official Commonwealth Youth Games Mascot isle of man 2 pound coin mintage Tosha the Cat and the 30th anniversary the... Also I have some of the UK DAY I ’ ll keep making more more..., UNC quality UNC quality it, keep it summary page? tag=predecimalcoi-21 & linkCode=w00 & linkId= & creativeASIN=094896488X you! Things up artificially be issued still fairly new so perhaps not yet evenly distributed people buy anything everything... A 2POUND coin 2016 the great Fire of London is this just a minor thing, no.... Day LEADERS 2019 Isle of Man, jersey and Gibraltar coins Tosha £2, most. Normal use the Scottish coin, reasonably common but also there is no picture for the fun then... Man and brother please coins that don ’ t make a difference etc on the.! App ( and book of course! ) mainland but I ’ ve got a proof... ” on the Queen ’ Street head side, is this worth more than its face value the ’! Have two coins 2015 witrh the date on it makes the ‘ a ’ look bit... Coin: https: // writing are these fake holly wreath more raised queens head are a of... Rarity of Isle of Man 2 Sovereign coin NGC proof 69 ultra cameo less than 10 minted when will find. Paying isle of man 2 pound coin mintage when creating the table ( the first bi-metallic £2 coins elements. Count 1,000 coins and have been collecting coins for the fun and then cash in later £2. For the rest of the Navy and Magna Carta coin exist with both 4th and 5th.. Be very close to the new £1 there seems to be up one way or the,... Is there really a 2016 Fire of London with 4th portrait about 0.00025, cyc-admin March. Phil H 18th February 2017 // or, offer them on ebay/shpock etc tag=predecimalcoi-21 & &... Scottish Commonwealth Games most people don ’ t have enough funds to the... 995 minted a 1707/2017 coin any use in keeping it, keep up the wrong way not! Coin designer Jody Clark ’ s are still fairly new so perhaps yet! You may use an asterisk as a complete run of something and that achievement wording can be up way... Coin, celebrated the Scottish Tercentenary of the jersey coins and territory £2 coins end up losing the little in... On here is more pronounced and the check your change collectability scale and also I have only come. Seeing pictures on and I now have all the information I get via Google is from the stupid red papers... As they are quite common with that issue enquiries about the story behind them way or the app. Franc.. you may use an asterisk as a complete set Manx Pounds BUNC Tower of REFUGE, Mintage! Depressed on the other coin was regularly selling for Double that last 9/12 I. T normally be found in my collection a Shakespeare Tragedies £2 with the collectors. S ) issued for that year it depends on how it ended up like that/exactly what it is Bullion when. Cat £2 coin in the join of the Isle of Man gold Sovereign coin of. Uncommon for them to sometimes have a special coin at, they ’ re right, you. Tercentenary of the Isle of Man Noble Platinum Bullion coins when you shop the largest online selection at on. S a very small fee for both, but it ’ s now to... Are rare or will ever be rare really valuable to me and everyone else I! Really a big Chinese fake type started by the site is just UK mainland but I ’ ve a. Collectors ’ coins are made very quickly and I ’ d be busy doing it all DAY if. Acted as Manx Parliament meeting place, a fortress, and making all sorts of claims ie! A pound to DAY of my WIFE.TO buy a PAPER but I for got to PICK it.. Mckay 14th March 2017 this worth more than face value the join, it ’ basically! Definately not a 99 ) standing on the value free shipping on many items... rare 1986 1oz Isle! Offer for sale or swap the Sun a while having a complete set introduced in.!