100ml aerosol can of flat clear coat for modeling, perfect for gunpla and other plastic models. The sample for this tutorial is a cheap toy plastic that I have panel lining it. 6:06. in the right column you can see the whitening side effect caused by other top-coats; in the central column, instead, you can appreciate the results obtained with this Mr.Premium Top Coat Flat: the glossy surfaces have been flattened without losing the color intensity! Although the effect on the semi-gloss and gloss Top coat is not as drastic as the Flat Top coat. MR.SUPER CLEAR SEMI-GLOSS Mr. SUPER CLEAR is a solvent-type coating agent for creating s Usually we used the proper top coat spray, the expensive product for model kit from Japan. Only one part to top-coat and perhaps dirty up a bit and he is done! WED. 11 AM - 7 PM. I’ve done RG sticker work quite a few times now and can get through it pretty quickly but that’s because I know how to approach them. I hope this article can help you guys and always thank you for supporting us Izutaro. from $4 gunpla Tamiya Primer. Anyone who has built a Real Grade kit knows they come with a mountain of stickers. Gunpla (ガンプラGanpura), aportmanteauof "Gundamplastic model", is the common name for plastic model kits depicting the vehicles and characters of the fictionalGundamuniverse byBandai. Spray painting in relative humidity means you would be painting when the humidity is for example at 33% then the air is approximately one third full. DESCRIPCIÓN. DAILY. Reviews ; Recubrimiento mate a base de agua para el acabado de superficies. I became a bit more daring earlier and sprayed a bit on my MG Astray red frame Kai. 0 review(s) | Add your review $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 Option not available. Just be warned it doesn't go far. Gunpla: Official name for Bandai’s Gundam model kits. Karena tanpa repaint pun sudah terlihat bagus ketika diberi topcoat pada modelkit gundam anda. For example, just look at the Justice. The distance between your can and the Gunpla kit should be around 15~20 centimeters. The Gunpla Tutorial: How to Decal your Gundam Plastic Model. CLOSED. 19:38. Same goes if the relative humidity is 100%, then the air is completed saturated. But if you plan to top coat a bunch of kits and have the space for it then an airbrush and compressor will be a lot more cost effective in the long run. Top coat does not need long to dry and because its based on lacquer paint which is most durable type of paint and the fastest to dry on a warm day just give it 10~15min to dry and it should be all good. I have a few backlog Gunpla kits now, hope to build them soon! Question to all who top coat their gunpla. You probably applied your Flat Top coat when it was humid , like rainy days or at night. Gunpla Special - Top Coat Showdown - Duration: 19:38. Read more. Tutorial Ep.10 : Anti FAIL! Would I have to mask off the joints when spraying these? With some good sunny weather this weekend I managed to decal and flat top-coat the weapons and almost all of the I.W.S.P. In the end you will be glad that you put them on your kit! Try to use a different type of paint for the protective coating and, as always, spray in light coats. Thank you From Japan for accommodating my article! If your base coat is rough and textured, your gloss coat on top of that may not be as shiny or as smooth as you hoped for. Note that covering with white primer is going to be time consuming and require a lot of a lot of coats. B-603 - Mr. Sprays well and drys fast in mid 60 degree or higher temperatures. This is a special video on testing out and comparing the common top coat sprays for Gunpla, or plastic models in general. After building your first few Gundam kits, there will come a time when you may feel the need to step up your game. Some people will want to opt for cheaper and safer methods like hand painting with acrylics. What makes the process easy is that you only need a brush and some paint. Log in or ... gunpla Mr. Color Thinner. Bandai: BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc., a Japanese toy company established in 1950. It is strongly advised that you apply you Top coat … The Gunpla Top Coat Guide: Giving your Gunpla a Fantastic Finish 23/10/2015 Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary – Celebrating 45 years of kawaii 08/11/2019 Japanese Capsule Toys – Gachapon, gashapon, and beyond! Matte – Dull in finish ( as in not shiny… I’m sure given the opportunity they have quite the engaging personality ), these can range from reasonably smooth to a bit grainy, depending on what is under them, how it is applied, and the type of product being used. SUN. Top coat adalah cara yang paling sederhana untuk menambahkan hasil akhir sehabis repaint, ataupun tidak. Tutorial Top Coat Gunpla, Clear Matt effect on gunpla by Putra Shining Welcome to Putaro Plastic Modeller! For top coat applications, i.e. Gunpla & Modeling Glossary General Terms Glossary. Preorder; … One of the things that you can do to improve your Gunpla kit is painting. Top coats, in addition to lacquer, can come in acrylic. It's highly compatible with other products: in fact, it can be used to top coat surfaces painted both with acrylic colors and enamels (just allow the paint to fully cure before using the … This video clearly shows how to use the product. Ideally, the best time to spray paint is when the relative humidity … Nov 29, 2019 - Tutorial Top Coat Gunpla, Clear Matt effect on gunpla by Putra Shining 0. It has multiple divisions, but we usually refer to BANDAI Hobby, producer of Gunpla … The Gunpla Panel Lining Guide: Gunpla’s Guide to Markers and Paints. The Gunpla Top Coat Guide: Giving your Gunpla a Fantastic Finish. DZMaven 57,492 views. It's been long time since the last update. Se utiliza material de alta calidad ... Gunpla Panam á +50766143694. Bagusan yang mana? Add to Cart. You can use spray cans and airbrush kits but they are expensive and might we add—dangerous to use indoors. Hello everyone! Premium Top Coat Flat; B-603 - Mr. This time i post a simple tutorial about top coat for gunpla. Also short for ‘Gundam plastic model’. The Gunpla Kit Painting Guide for Realistic Models. MR.SUPER CLEAR GLOSS Mr. SUPER CLEAR is a solvent-type coating agent for creating surfaces of superior quality.It can be used not only for color painting, but also as the perfect coating agent when your work needs that added touch. Bagusan flat? There is a calculator below for determining how much you’ll need. 02/08/2019 After painting your Gunpla kit, it is recommended to apply decals to improve the realism and coolness of your Gundam plastic model. Jika pada posting sebelumnya saya membahas tipe-tipe cat untuk repaint gunpla kali ini kita akan bahas tentang top coat gunpla. Aplikasi Top Coat dan Beda Top Coat. the air is just full of moisture. Anime and Manga - Gundam This is a split board - You ... Tell me how the top coat went on your strike's decals if you finish it by monday Will do. Only the cannons (or whatever those things are) for the pack remain. ----- Episode 10 Beda finishing top coat itu kaya gimana sih? Mad4Motors Recommended for you. Premium Top Coat Flat. Another tutorial for you guys about Samurai Spray Paint, this time I cover all our (Izutaro) favorites Samurai Top Coat available. Finally, the first coat of acrylic to go on top should be a light, fast-drying mist of paint rather than a thick coat. Tutorial Samurai Spray Paint Top Coat by Putra Shining Hi and welcome to Putaro Plastic Modeller! 4) How do Mark Softer and Mark Setter work with this? How to Repair Clear Coat Fix 100% all types - Duration: 6:06. Resin, on the other hand, needs both a wash and prime for best results. The spray reacts with the moisture in the air to create the 'frosting' effect. I have not yet experienced this problem but it's better safe than sorry. ... remember not to topcoat in significant humidity! Most modern kits don't have this issue and many older ones just need a wash before painting. Mr. Top Coat Gloss Spray. Been busy with adult life. And here as well. Applying decals can sometimes be intimidating, but just a like finished race car, your Gundam will ultimately look more professional and genuine with decals. Gundam modeling spread in the 1990s with North America and Europe … If you are spraying outside in the evening, always make sure the air is really dry, once that sun goes down, and the air starts filling with dew, not good for painting of any kind. Ok, that's probably your problem, dew was in the air and it landed on and in the paint, trapped in the the layers. The Gunpla … repair, or finish coating, we strongly recommend using Duratec High Gloss Additive to thin the gelcoat and allow it to flow and cure like a paint.