In recent years, there has been a point that it is promoting "academic attention" because it sometimes carries a name of university student's high school. Email Us . The girl's blazer is shown above with embroidered skirt. ... GWA. MYP students in a PE Lesson. If no one is at the given address to receive the order, rescheduling of delivery will incur additional charges. From elementary to middle school and high school, you are sure to find uniforms that fit your kids like a glove. 'Polo' style dresses for girls are acceptable in solid navy blue only and must be of uniform style. As a celebration of our Upper School opening, we are offering students entering grades 6 and above a $5,000 credit off published tuition, which will remain effective for the duration of the students’ tenure at GWA. The GEMS World Academy uniform is made of high qu… The lottery for the 2021-2022 school year will take place on February 1, 2021. Yes, except for the following no-go zones: The best way to really understand what makes GEMS World Academy the best place for your child is to arrange a private tour. GWA Uniform Shirts should be worn at LEAST once a week to show ‘school spirit.’ Teachers are to be familiar with and abide by the GWA uniform guidelines found in both the Employee and Student Handbook and adhere to the same school uniform criteria the students are held to in terms of their own dress (no cargo pants, etc). Please call +65 6808 7321 or +65 6808 7393 to double-check the opening hours during the school holidays. with a letter grade, using rubrics which include adherence to GWA rules, preparedness, participation, and behavior. A limited supply of hats, ties and bows will be available at the school shop. The PTO will be holding a Used Uniform Sale, Wed. 7/25 & Thurs. To avoid ordering the incorrect size, students will be able to try on samples to determine the correct size required. MYP Students in a Music Theory lesson. It consists of: School Issued Navy Tops: Students are required to wear tops issued by the school. Parents should mark student names on each uniform piece and on any student jacket or sweater. When arriving at the destination of a game or competition (home or away), students must be attired AS A TEAM, either in the team warm up or in school uniform. (e.g. Yes, all products offered online are also available in the store. The GWA school store provides uniforms and all school supplies for GWA students. Bd. GWA believes that the uniform we require should be a source of pride. Students are required to wear bottoms issued by the school. Requirements & Eligibility: Applicants must be of good moral standing with no misconduct from the school of origin Child Safeguarding and Protection. A selection of sizes for clothing items will be available at the school stationery shop at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) campus, ground floor, opposite the Learners swimming pool. GWA's education model is rooted in 21st Century Pedagogy, Best Practices, and a commitment to English, French, and Arabic Multilingualism. Before your order is dispatched, our outsourced courier agent will send a text message/call to confirm the delivery date and time. All school activities, curricular and extracurricular in the classroom and on the playing field, must be congruent with the school’s stated goals and objectives established for the intellectual, physical, social and moral development of its students. Location: 29 Tai Seng Avenue, Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub, Unit 05-07, S534119. Academy Uniform. As an independent school, GWA has designed every aspect of the school day with a focus on encouraging a young person's mental, physical, emotional, social and ethical growth. The school uniform is required of all students first grade through High School to help foster a sense of discipline and modesty in school dress. GWA is an American International School serving Nursery - High School students from over 30 different countries. However, if you wish us to deliver to your residence, a delivery fee will be incurred on your 'Total Cost' when you have 'checkout' from the shopping cart. Used uniforms in good condition can be dropped off for a sale credit on Wed. 7/18 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm or Thurs. Belts must be worn. Students who come to school without the proper uniform will be sent to the Lower School and Upper School office. CPE registration number: 200803726H, 19 March 2017 to 18 March 2021, EduTrust certificate number: EDU-2-2082, 27 October 2020 to 26 October 2024, Age of your child or children on September 1st, Click on the E-Store uniform link and this will direct you to -. A former uniform supplier, Parker School Uniforms, is no longer in business. After a third offense during a semester, the student will be given an ISS strike. GWA's education model is rooted in 21st Century Pedagogy, Best Practices, and a commitment to English, French, and Arabic Multilingualism. GWA educates the whole person by equipping minds and building character: empowering students to serve Morocco and the global community with wisdom and compassion. 7/26 and Wed. 8/1 & Thurs. The School Store is operated by Global Education Services who provide a number of educational support services to GWA. School uniforms, career apparel, team uniforms, screen print, embroidery, custom apparel printing in massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut and all new england. There are differences in phrases and colors depending on the major and university. Off-shore locations including Jurong Island, Pulau Bukom, Pulau Ubin, etc. This will not be possible. ENROLL Today Applications for the 2020-2021 school year are now available for students entering Kindergarten through 7th grade. The School Store is operated by Global Education Services who provide a number of educational support services to GWA. Students waiting for delivery of a new or replacement uniform item will attend school in clothing which matches as closely as possible with the GEMS school uniform. A limited number of hats, ties and scarves will be available for purchase at the school’s stationery shop.