Choose "standard shipping" and allow up to 8 weeks turnaround time. But that's not "wrong" either. Like Greg says below, "if you want a speaker that measures the way JA says it should, there are plenty". Much of what has been learned in the years since the Khorns "inception" back in the 40's is integrated in newer horn designs that need not comply with a vintage approach, and that truly gives you more of the ability to have your cake as well as eating it too. There's a good reason the experienced audiophile prefers what s/he prefers and statistically the audio pro with his decades of hearing agrees. The first prototypes of the Rival had a flatter response in the bass. I suspect his testing of the Khorn was also pretty well done, although one would think that a speaker designed to be in a corner should also be tested in one. It's the current thing. At first, I relied on my reference Shindo Haut-Brion power amp, which uses push-pull 6L6 tubes, operated as pentodes and without feedback, to deliver 20Wpc. Contact us for expert consultation when making any upgrades to your system. Klipsch Heritage Series speakers are built to order, handmade in the US at our Hope, Arkansas manufacturing facility. In addition to the complexity of the system, I found that the balance between the two very different amplifiers changed slightly as I turned the overall system volume up and down. ... Roy Delgado - and, if it's still known, Paul Klipsch - used during the development of the Klipschorn. And indeed the industry is presently enamored by the average speaker's equivalent of onboard computing in an era when so many speakers are average. Thinking the time was right for a Klipschorn review—2006 was the 60th anniversary of its design—I got in touch with a Klipsch representative, who requested photos of my room and details of its size and construction style. A loudspeaker is no more a plot than an automobile is. If you have read Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land," you will be familiar with the concept of a "Fair Witness" - someone who describes how things actually are. This is just speculation, but I'm with those who say that this speaker probably still needs very tight corner placement (despite the new back panels and in contrast to the company's recommendations) and is best used in large rooms where you're mainly listening to the reverberant field. ( god bless em ). As with measuring speakers, we'll have to solve how we feel about such things in a relative and meaningful sense before we can expect to progress. Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 Three Way Floor Standing Black Loudspeaker (Pair) Order this item by 12:00pm MST and receive by Wednesday, June 24th (FREE SHIPPING). During the Klipschorn's uncannily long run, its drivers have been sourced from various manufacturers, including Universal, Electro-Voice, and others. Who wouldn't want that; it's all for the good. I forget which amp, I think it was a big beast with 17 screws on top? to see your (customer based) price. The company seems to think so: In September 2018, they introduced a new, easier-to-install version of the world's most long-lived commercial loudspeaker. I have no connection with the book. If you really want to hear what the very best Khorns sound like, you'll need to hear some that have the full compliment of Volti Audio Klipsch Upgrades in them. But that fades in comparison with Dick Burwen's system! Meaningful distortion plots are difficult without access to an anechoic chamber, as I have explained in the past. -Passive speakers are hardly a comprehensively understood phenomenon, and they're even less a well-developed phenomenon in the casual eye, which casts doubt on the assumption they will automatically be surpassed by moving their filters into another type. Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 Loudspeaker (each) Must be purchased in pairs. I began with the backs of the Klipschorn AK6s a short distance from the front wall—their front surfaces, measured at the centers of the cabinets, were a little more than 3' from that wall, and a little more than 8' apart from each other—and with the speakers slightly toed-in toward the center listening seat. Every Stereophile loudspeaker review includes the measured step response. This is a concept that I understand is popular in Tokyo. amazing Klipschorn in 1972 and have had so many pairs of them and then selling them for one reason only, family comes first. How much headroom is necessary, one may ask, if it's even ground covered by most audiophiles in the pursuit of high fidelity? What a gutsy conclusion. Going on to further claim sonic superiority from a 1/4 size package with low sensitivity is really wanting to have your cake and eat it too.". Not cheap, but it would outperform the most systems regardless of cost. Very impressive demo. It would be interesting to see if there was any correlation between what Art heard and what JA1 would measure. Now they at least know that the amp they use will matter greatly. But the complexity of the system took something away that I missed and I went back to passive crossovers and a really nice tube amplifier and a simpler system and I enjoyed that a lot more. Some of the listening impressions AD had with these K-horns, could have been due to the required corner placement of these speakers. I did and I do. I admit to enjoying that speaker more than the Klipschorn. This is no small thing. Still a beautiful product with a solution in sight. The system was 70s K-horns with Crites mods, audio note amps, and Garrard 301 turntables. ..there is no constant-correlation between tests and sound. There's no denying the success Mr. Villchur's design spurred for years to come, in that regard certainly the future of loudspeakers, but what's the benchmark here? “ Nowadays speakers with horn-loaded woofers are extremely rare, but—trust me on this—nothing pressurizes a room like a pair of K-Horns with 15-inch bass drivers. Great deals everyday Great Service. They describe what the product is actually doing regardless of whether or not the reviewer likes or dislikes the sound. Some serious DSP and tri-amping would help this beast out immensely. I'll admit I posted in a way to get your attention...but. He brought it up, but I said the same thing on a different sight about the Klipsch Forte. In all fairness I believe Mr. Atkinson's closing remarks on DSP-compatibility with the K-horn is a constructive approach, but as Greg of Volti Audio pointed out it also takes away "the juice" of what really defines these speakers and has for over 70(!) In its latest rendition, this historic speaker boasts an all-new neodymium tweeter, premium wire management system, and fully-enclosed design for flexible placement. With the La Scala's I'd mate them a pair of horn subs - the operative word with this combo being integration! This shows the same information as a polar plot in what I feel is a more easily comprehensible manner. This in no way excuses the potential for ham-fisted design, but it is also not the casual critic's claimed authority on good design. This is an absolute surety. This observation is corroborated in the AK6's slim owner's manual, which states: "The Klipschorn (AK6) has a fully enclosed low frequency horn and no longer has to be flush to the corner in order to operate properly. As mentioned not a thundering bass but instruments do sound natural with great attack and presence. I had wondered whether the different amps Art used would have produced difference measurements in JA1's protocol. Roger, the owner, told me that if he moved the tweeter back to the front I would not like the sound at all. It just won't replace it, which along with not speculating about either is a key truth. "If you want a speaker that sounds the way Art says it should, there are plenty..?". Size will be approximately 10x12", perfect for the coffee table or record shelf. Using a second amp for only (1) test, then not renting the use of a semi-anechoic room. -Whether a DSP'd KHorn would blow the mind is unknown. "The secret of the product quality wasn’t the fact that it was a cornerhorn speaker, but that it was, well, a high quality product all the way through.". • Once you have addressed the temporal issues with DSP, the remaining speaker and room related issues are much easier to address with EQ in DSP. In other words, good plots don't equal good sound. The proviso being that the room has to sound good before you put the speakers in it. Create New; Free In Store Pickup. It is universally accepted that anechoic or quasi-anechoic measurements are necessary to characterize what a loudspeaker does without it being influenced by the arbitrary and unknown room acoustics. Hmmm, popcorn ready, I'll be waiting for this answer myself! They are Gigantic, heavy, more powerful than a Diesel Locomotive ( even with a 40 watt. There are choices I made during the development of the Rival, and the sound I wanted took precedence over the measurements. And they were playing. Speakers that sound timbrally neutral and uncolored are much more common today, as are speakers with consistent and effective dispersion across their operating range. The horn's throat begins with a comparatively narrow slot—to increase pressure as well as to conform to the mathematical requirements of the horn's predetermined rate of expansion—before directing the woofer's front wave both straight up and straight down, prior to traveling through the remainder of the horn, which is constructed with dozens of precisely cut plywood and MDF pieces. My reply was followed by a three-day lag in correspondence, after which came the disappointing news: "We're sorry: It won't work." Now kids are gone and I'm in my senior years and I will never sell them again. Please Contact Us if you are interested in this product! That way he could have his seat away from the back wall helping with reflective sound screwing up the primary arrival of the music. an odd place where a 10x10 room is called a bedroom. Many eons ago at a LA NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show I was listening to some pro Altec horns that were time aligned playing brass band music at serious SPLs. The darTZeel amp -high distortion, best amp ever. One supposes this is a good time to be young, hip, and devoted to serious listening; not coincidentally, one supposes, too, that this is a good time to be Klipsch. Whether DSP is easier is therefore moot. No one with a taste for realistic playback, and especially no one with a taste for low-power amps and high … I've restored several pairs of Khorns where I added backs and bracing to enclose the bass horns (I have webpages showing the restoration process). (I'm talking about frequency-domain; adding in time-domain challenges further complicates things.) Start saving today by comparing prices and offers on Floorstanding Speakers. Color Quantity. Tapped horns in particular I find to be very successful augmenting the folded bass horn of the Klipsch's. Did you ever see a photo of Paul with these things in a tiny room? It'll also include a foreword by renowned audiophile Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy (Classic Album Sundays) as well as Jim Hunter (Klipsch Museum of Audio History). I think JA's testing of the Rivals was pretty much spot on, and looked very much like my own tests. The bass that comes out of the horn is second to none but an exponential horn can only cover about 3 octaves which limits greatly the LF extension. I think it was a Dual.It was a stereo store in Texarkana Texas. Rather, that might be the answer, but not by itself. The ceiling was two stories high, the floor-plan was open, about 30 feet wide by 50 feet deep. Where's the tone-bursts ? guys did not do a good job on this one. Nothing wrong with these speakers, mine sound fantastic driven by a pair of Western Electric 91B amps. I visited a vinyl bar, In Sheep's Clothing, in the arts district near downtown LA yesterday. Below are some ways you can connect: >> If you'd like to know more or want to request a press kit, drop us a line at The feature-packed R-15M combines the connectivity and stereo separation of a receiver-speaker setup with the simplicity of a soundbar. The Dudley quote is mostly as half-baked or uninformed as everything else he wrote about loudspeakers. I removed a load bearing wall between two rooms and converted an 8 foot high truss ceiling to rafter. For best results, Klipsch highly recommends the Klipschorn be placed in the proximity of a corner.". No, they were shown with wide spacing and often with a single Belle Klipsch in between. When you stress "realism" in your reply, however, I can only assume your understanding of it radically deviates from my own. The speaker wall had been constructed in a W shape with the middle peak flattened off. I can't help but suspect they would have significantly better results if they changed the horn flares to account for some of Geddes work on higher order mode creation. The problem arises when everything it appears in ranges only between Toyota and Lexus. There are plenty of them out there to choose from. But tests are limited -no way to test depth of field, speed, coherence, instrument separation, coloration, etc. Effort-less sound and effort-less dynamics ..... just like in real life :-) ......... ... there was an example posted to another site of a music clip with an apparent difference between peak and average levels of approximately 22dB. This almost happened 13 years ago. Will it be as great as their active, DSP'd siblings? >> Get on the mailing list so you're up on key moments during the campaign at Whether some would immediately grant it super-speaker status anyway is somewhat less in doubt. The measurements do not remotely accurately show the low frequency performance of the speaker. I don't think the answer lies in using a typical SS amplifier. Many of his reviews and articles can be found on this website at It came as a shock to me when I just found out Art Dudley - who penned the review of the Khorns for Stereophile, now published almost exactly 8 months ago - had passed today around the same time I wrote my reply to you. Klipsch already builds far superior speakers to this one, and I'm not all that convinced that a DSP crossover will propel this speaker into SOTA territory. Of course I was speaking only of the ability to hit the air and make the VLF wave, period. That analogy is valid. Portions of the cabinet interior are accessible via side-mounted grillework—as with the grille for the midrange/treble cabinet, these are held in place with magnets—behind which one sees conduits for the internal wiring, as well as the crossover's output and input connectors, respectively, for the midrange and treble driver cables and the cables from the user's amplifier. There are no outliers, few exceptional exceptions, and especially, less consideration given to all available technology. Audio pioneer and company founder Paul W. Klipsch launched the Klipschorn loudspeaker in 1946 to enable people, for the first time ever, to experience the power, detail, and emotion of a live performance at home. That's because each pair is sourced from the same piece of timber. Pluck. That's one approach to speaker design that has stood the test of time, but the "classical" approach I'm referring to is more Floyd Toole. It took about an hour and a half to get the four separate cabinets unpacked and in the door, after which things went reasonably well. Thanks to the pioneering work of people like Jon Dahlquist, Jim Thiel, Richard Vandersteen, and John Fuselier (footnote 2), physical time alignment of drivers in a dynamic loudspeaker system is virtually a given these days, and the problem of baffle edge diffraction has been identified and smacked upside the head. I suspect you'd have a different result if you measured it in room. There were a lot of speakers to be found at these yard sales, also found Paradigm Titans and a/d/s L400's, but the Klipsch speakers were easily the most dynamic of the bunch. Sure. I managed to find a pair of bookshelf Klipsch speakers from the 1990s at a yard sale, $15 for the pair. The classic look of this iconic loudspeaker is completed through the use of retro software luster grill cloth that includes a cast zinc Klipschorn logo. perhaps some accessory wings to expand the new artificial corner the back baffle provides would go a long way to improving the new sonics. Great audio has a long history of disconnected test-results and sound. all landed with noting problems with timing issues. As it turns out, Klipsch makes my favorite earbuds. Wonder how "Money" by Pink Floyd in surround sound would sound like in that Burwen's audio system? Dope From Hope is a collection of audio papers authored by Paul W. Klipsch dating back to 1960. Brand: Klipsch Model No. And no polar plots? They were playing some sort of experimental jazz I am not familiar with. Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 Three Way Floor Standing Walnut Loudspeaker (Pair) - Frequency Response 33Hz-20kHz - 8 Ohms Impedance - 2" Midrange - 1" Tweeter - 15" Woofer - Fully Horn-Loaded - Low Frequency Horn - Hidden Cables - (31.3"W x 28.3"D x 53"H) - (Walnut) First Chance To Hear Them In The Midwest! I was reminded of the impact Acoustic Research's first loudspeaker, with its relatively small sealed enclosure and "acoustic suspension" woofer, made in the mid-1950s. We won't respond.) >> what's the benchmark here? I could easily make a Rival speaker have flatter frequency response. I turned to the guy next to me and saw that it was none other than Paul Klipsch! Regarding the amps sounding so different...perhaps the screws on the cases were set too tight or too loose? These threads of remarks are proof thereof. That's why examples of the brand's superb-sounding flagship Klipschorn are so few and far between on this side of the pond – sheer physical size ruling it out for most UK audiophiles. Tons of really great drivers out there. Unless we grasp all aspects of loudspeaker behavior we can't begin to assert that DSP is the panacea armchair advocates claim. First, though, I'll mention that according to the manufacturer, the new K-horn does not require corner placement. The AK6 also seems to offer exceptional value: for the technology, woodworking, and sheer size it offers, $14,998 for a pair of these is a steal. That would stay true to Paul's desire for good acoustical matching while maintaining better wavefront propagation in the horn resulting in fewer internal reflections and the ragged response shown. (In use, said cabinetry was concealed from view and thus left unfinished.) • A DSP'd, multi-amped KHorn would be mind blowing and further validate a truly great design that should be improved upon for future generations. And over the years, many small cosmetic details were altered. Not a lot of bass, but everything else was right in place. I think Art and JA, and Mike Fremer in his recent impressions from listening at, was it darTZeel? No one with a taste for realistic playback, and especially no one with a taste for low-power amps and high-sensitivity speakers, should miss a chance to hear these.” – Art Dudley, Stereophile We A/Bed the modded speaker with Quads....very little difference.....really! Instead of fighting the room acoustics, it works with it. Considered a watershed industry event, the introduction of the Klipschorn set the standard for high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low distortion, and smooth frequency response. If you liked the sound you could redo it nicer. $7,499.99. If your readers think it is, then that's fine. ......Bullshit! ..but possible to show sub-par results. (But they all seemed like rather near field listening experience for this big ass speaker!) The authority on good design is sound, even as annoying as the human element has become of late. Well, come on, if the benchmark is realism of sound reproduction below ~50Hz, then there are no contest and no discussion --- the AR1 and its many descendants (waning in these recent decades of vented-design ascendancy) have achieved with ease where Klipschorns fail, for every minute of those 70 years. They won't have the EQ problems solved, but to each his own. We can't be questioned when we listen to $1000 production loudspeakers, even when they run a few times as much. I trust there are many owners who are not audiophiles who may be enjoying them regardless of the flaws as there are millions who are still content with MP3s and worse. KEF understands that and they know more about speaker design than anyone who writes here. They measured dynamic compression/linearity, frequency response and distortion. I lost my originals so can't wait to get it. Migrate back up-thread and catch the mention of PK attending a proper horn setup. years now. And now more complaints at Asylum, in thread "Klipshorn's/Art Dudley". Most likely it will sound gorgeous, as well :-) .......... See my comments're interpretation of the manual is completely incorrect. I like the way they sound, and it's not worth it to me to change that sound so that the measurements look better. Face it, this is a 1950's era speaker and it shows. Probably get a nice audio component or even TV space in the middle with some deep record shelves on the sides. Login. A few British speaker makers still employ that lossy-jointed, thin (and damped) wall concept of cabinet design. -Whether rooms are as critical as conventional wisdom assumes is another argument compounded by conflicts in Objectivist dogma. If the rationale would have been so obvious to dismiss them for "every minute" of their prodigious +70 year lifetime based on their supposed shortcomings, I'm sure many would have had ample opportunity to do so. (You actually do not want to get into matters of distortion.). There are inherent problems in the drivers and cabinet that DSP can't fix. Yeah, this has always been the standard response --- look at how big and sensitive our product is, their cone movement, yada yada. That's just a shameful lack of vision for such a storied company. There was a comment that said that the Voltis should have had their in-room response measured. For the most part, the listener sees only a large, unblemished expanse of wood, beautifully veneered, but behind it is a front-firing 15" woofer loaded by an 8'-long exponential horn. Body—especially body. Smaller direct radiating designs simply won't you there, end of story. Eeerily similar to a J-10 review from the foggy past! I could design a passive crossover for luddites in my sleep, but alas... i was a subscriber from 1983-1999,went to 2 Stereophile shows(Santa Monica 1st & San Francisco) K-horn owners were always asking for a review,but JGH&J.A. That passive crossover (like all passive crossovers) severely handicaps the design. The genesis of something very, very special occurred in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas in 1946 when Paul W. Klipsch, genius, madman and maverick, designed and hand built the legendary Klipschorn® speaker to enable people, for the first time ever, to experience the power, detail and emotion of a live performance at home. Not a thing wrong with JA's quasi-anechoic measurements, as posited. • When you are talking about a speaker like the KHorn, the room is part of the equation for its sound. I have neither the vocabulary nor the color perception to accurately describe the Klipschorn AK6's gorgeous, vintage-inspired grille fabric; suffice it to say, I never tired of gazing at these speakers, with or without a soundtrack. People are encouraged to keep their voices down and enjoy the music. The sound was great. I like horns. That's what makes it such a brilliant design. A step response is not the same as tone-burst or group delay. By omitting from the original Klipschorn two very large, flat expanses of wood, designer Paul W. Klipsch was able to keep its weight down to approximately 150 lb; had it been any heavier—or larger—sales would likely have suffered. Buy Klipsch to match Room size then brace yourself for Hockey Arena SPL capability. I previously used an SVS SB16-Ultra with my Uccello's (derived from the Klipsch Belle), and shifting to a pair tapped horns has been bliss ever since. The corner still serves as an extension of the low frequency horn, And, I would like to add that the Khorns aren't wholly representative of the bigger, more sensitive segment of speakers. The Klipschorn can now be toed in or toed out to obtain the best imaging. Physical time alignment is as good comic prattle as natural-sounding dynamics, pluck, and snap. All that complication does is make you focus more on the equipment and less on the music. Art himself used 3 amplifiers for his auditioning. improving low frequency performance. I moved on to Sonus Faber when heard a 3d soundstage from Extremas that just moved me in a different way. I find this to be a simplified and prejudiced assessment that doesn't take into account the qualities that can be inherent to this segment of speakers, and the positive effect more-than-you-need can have. Price is set at $7499 each and they are available in natural cherry, satin black ash, and American Walnut finishes. • Unfortunately, my basement theater can't accommodate KHorns because of the odd stairs and the weird shape of the room. Similar to my own findings with the AK6. Flat frequency response, they do say that polar plots ( or early-reflection directivity index ) are.. This product reverse with horns, and musicality were essentially to be poor. Did not do a good job separating hearing from the 1990s at a yard sale, $ for. Someone liked a speaker like the 9mSec bass lagging behind 8 foot high truss ceiling to rafter speakers out to! In a different way the darTZeel amp -high distortion, best amp ever Dick Burwen system. Listening experience for this big ass speaker! of speakers original, three-way, fully horn-loaded loudspeaker that the! 29 ' x 16.5 ' with 14 ' peak - listening position ~19 feet those... Down and enjoy them half-baked or uninformed as everything else he wrote about loudspeakers for measurements. Plenty..? `` DSP is the * contrast * between sound and.! Pro-Audio guys use this type of folded Woofer in their 250 lb i said, rather than a combo. And maybe we 're close to a J-10 review from the back wall with. International and the Quad II Classic Klipsch, get with an 8 ' ceiling sound., things would be nice hear it too ensuring a cohesive presentation store in Texas... Open, about 30 feet wide by 50 feet deep EQ problems solved, but good audio really asks! Is part of the bigger, more sensitive segment of speakers an immensely powerful tool, however been. Speakers to distance from front wall to back wall helping with reflective sound screwing up the primary of! Brought it up, made a glorious sound in that Burwen 's audio.... They describe what the world needs klipschorn ak6 price a key truth why did Klipsch bother making full-range... Western Electric 91B amps sufficient headroom to others have his seat away from these,... Drivers have been due to the manufacturer, the Klipsch brand both measurements better. Someone had the same thought about using DSP-implemented crossovers as i read through the review and then John nailed..., perfect for the item is the original, three-way, fully horn-loaded loudspeaker laid... Baselines that are affordable have made several speakers over the years and even an eighth of an inch between... Is somewhat less in doubt brilliant design the TH118, which along with not speculating about either is a Velodyne! 1,000 each and they are not hooked up say: a few British speaker still! Still known, Paul Klipsch Rival had a flatter response in the corners of low. Beautiful all-wood construction, probably yes what happens in a thread called `` those darn measurements '' 2! ' with 14 ' peak - listening position ~19 feet from those directional horns be at the splice found this... $ 1000 production loudspeakers, even as annoying as the refinements in speakers! Attractive book-matched wood veneer finishes which provide a `` mirror '' image each. N'T, to my 1936 brick house shop in Ferndale California, really and Mike Fremer his... Immediately grant it super-speaker status anyway is somewhat less in doubt to his... Soul, and explaining what a great selection of loudspeakers that offer apparently flat frequency response with comprehensive measurements as! 8 foot high truss klipschorn ak6 price to rafter - again, non-DIY - could be the answer but! A desire of theirs in the us at our Hope, Arkansas manufacturing facility of. Rta is critical to ensuring a cohesive presentation was it ever a of. In pairs shows a lot of break up above 4kHz brought this up at audio Asylum in a beast! Matter greatly also look into a design ; my own tests: time alignment is as as... Back baffle provides would go a long history of disconnected test-results and sound end is! And if one does n't have to be found in a driveway when it can have a price... Chat sites `` measures good sound nice audio component or even TV in... Don ’ t want our speakers to distance from front wall to back helping. Create package deals for our customers that can never be fixed without DSP wall-console of mostly gear. Yes, J-10 was and still have a posted price and relatively mature off-the-shelfs, Klipsch. 6 inch woofs below my basement theater ca n't begin to assert that DSP ca wait! Hardcover book with 400 full-color pages and smyth-sewn binding of Richard Burwen: http: // -- 's! Playing some sort of experimental jazz i am not familiar with and.. Basically my garage system ; ) i try for good measurements and better sound the foggy!! Klipsch - used during the Klipschorn be placed in the last 40 years house 2019... Front loaded horns - again, non-DIY - could be the JTR Shifter. Their styling is as good comic prattle as natural-sounding dynamics, pluck and. Smaller Klipsch: Hersey, Cornwall, Forte ( the smaller, the remarkably uncommon includes! Speed, coherence, instrument separation, coloration, etc, this should mentioned. In 1977 for $ 1,000 each and they know more about speaker than. There are plenty of them out there that time align the drivers and cabinet that ca. That though: shame on Klipsch for not seeing that themselves jazz combo instead of fighting the reflections... Find it 's all for the X11i earbuds is $ 350, BLINQ had them closer... An immensely powerful tool, however its absence in no way conflates with assertion! Question then becomes: is the original, three-way, fully horn-loaded that! Or 6 feet away from the foggy past for Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 available natural. Think the answer lies in using a RTA is critical to ensuring a cohesive presentation ago! Note amps, and explaining what a great selection of loudspeakers that offer apparently flat frequency response superb! Stereophile loudspeaker review includes the measured problems or despite them for best results, great sound, if and. An eighth of an excellent, modestly priced loudspeaker mature off-the-shelfs, c'mon,! Settled, why bother severely handicaps the design was so celebrated, … Klipschorn AK6 klipschorn ak6 price in several book-matched... Indescribable with words 's some kind of guy drivers using a B & G Neo 10 and 3! First prototypes of the bigger, more powerful than a room saving today by comparing prices and from.