And you'll never be able to praise him about the "what" until you look at the "why". Save. Terry Howell Uncategorized June 5, 2019 3 Minutes “You saw me before I was born. I grasped for human help, no one came to my rescue. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53:4-5). RSS this blog Archives Contributors. He wants us to learn something. In fact, your pain actually serves a very useful purpose. Are you suffering from abuse? Your pain has a purpose. Your email address will not be published. Today might be the hardest and painful day for you. You are a light to the world that is supposed to shine bright. Motivational and Inspirational posts to encourage you throughout the day. Money can’t buy this my sweet friend! {"cookie-duration":14,"popup-selector":"#popup-box-sxzw-1","popup-class":"popupally-opened-sxzw-1","cookie-name":"popupally-cookie-1","close-trigger":".popup-click-close-trigger-1"}, {"timed-popup-delay":5,"cookie-duration":14,"popup-selector":"#popup-box-sxzw-2","popup-class":"popupally-opened-sxzw-2","cookie-name":"popupally-cookie-2","close-trigger":".popup-click-close-trigger-2"}. However, that pain is how your body and brain heal. There was a reason that you endured obstacles and through the grace of God you were able to navigate your way out of the turmoil. No one forgets the kindness of a security guard picking you up in the hospital parking garage and taking you to the front door of the hospital. No matter how broken you are today, God has BIG plans and a PURPOSE for your life. Your pieces will be made whole, your voids will be filled, and your pain will reflect his promise to never to forsake you! Your pain has a purpose. I will not soon forget the view out of Dad’s hospital room window while staying with him to give mom a break. Primary Sidebar. The memories won’t ever leave of how Dad had an experience with the Lord in the early morning hours before surgery. If your calling to God is preceded by some title, degree or prominent position, the Kingdom you are adding to is your own. Jesus promises that we will have trials and suffering in this life, BUT to take heart because HE has overcome the world! How could He stand by and allow my world to fall apart? He can teach us much more through pain than through comfort. I thought I knew God. You may have been in an abusive relationship or hostile environment. Your pain has a purpose and there is no wasted experience. your pain has a purpose. It has been very challenging, but God is shining His light on the circumstances. In this touching presentation, Dr. Venus Opal Reese shares how your pain can lead you to your … As I write this, Daddy is having surgery on his front right artery to clear out the 90% blockage of plaque, freeing the blood to flow from the heart to the brain as it should. Who else is able to correct you and bless you? Maybe it’s a sickness that has lingered far too long. Share it with others so that they can know that though they may face trials, there is a God that will bless them just as He has blessed you. The hardships in our lives reflect the things where God wants to see with an aim to move towards the place He wants us to be. God knows exactly what you are facing. The results came back with news of a few strokes and a blockage in several of his arteries. No one forgets spending their 48th Wedding Anniversary in the hospital (that was yesterday for my parents). Your source for daily motivation. Enter your name and email to receive new posts and giveaways that I only share with my subscribers... plus it's FREE! God calls us to love others and live unoffended, and not give others control over our emotions or how we live out our future.