All sets come in a handmade, top grain leather case pdf=A125493.pdf Escoda Watercolor Travel Brush It’s possible to achieve both fine detail and lovely soft gradients with one brush. Well, here are my reasons: It felt a little less like work because the bigger sized brush managed to make a 9x12 piece more doable for me. out its real qualities. Sure, a water brush gets the job done. Now, if you are going to be keeping these brushes in capsule form after using them outdoors, they will still be slightly damp. Brands and/or types offered are Raphaël, Princeton, Rosemary & Co., Escoda, Da Vinci, Royal & Langnickel, Loew-Cornell, travel, bamboo, hake, and water brushes. And I'm often out sketching somewhere in a woods or field, which my sodden, muddy boots can attest too. Certainly hope others do not have my bad experience with these brushes. WIth these hairs, it's very likely that your lines will look more lively and your colours stronger. Allowed HTML tags: