Our process is as follows: Thank you again for you terrific help. 3) finally identifying a speaker that delivers the coverage requirements and is a good timbral match to the rest of your speakers, 1/2 above can be done from some basic two dimensional drawings (CAD or to scale paper drawings)…3 requires some detective work – typically firstly identifying suitable speakers and then measuring them to confirm they work. Speakers firing straight down vs. angled at the listening area. That’s the whole point of it! and 2 JBL Studio 210 L/R Surround Backs. Use Wide Dispersion Speakers: Eggers says wide dispersion patterns (+/- 45 degrees from 100Hz to 10KHz) are ideal, especially in a room with 8- to 14-foot tall ceilings. But I get a big hole in the sound field directly above the MLP when they are aimed at the MLP. I’d be surprised if the Revel you referred to is a good timbre match to the horn speakers, due to totally different drivers and dispersion patterns…. Cool. Which option would you recommend ? In order to create enveloping sound fields and precise localization of individual effects, this speaker also utilizes Klipsch’s Wide Dispersion Surround TechnologyTM. Nyal, What do you think about CBT (Keele’s specific approach) to ceiling speakers in a 3d audio system? 9 foot 6 inch ceiling. It’s not really possible to provide more specific advice without looking at your current layout and what speakers you are planning on using for Atmos. 2.) Required coverage / dispersion, speakers pointing straight down. But, working with 30,000 watts in an arena is not the same as home audio like this. The Atlantic Technology IC-6HT-S is a professional grade surround sound ceiling speaker. Its wide-dispersion flush-mount ceiling speaker design employs unique acoustic construction to realize a wide area of coverage. This is the first time that I’ve seen someone put the “rear” set of Atmos speakers between the first and second row…. Always lay out the surround speakers with respect to the MLP! TOA Electronics Europe GmbH . Would this work? It must have been seconds ago. Some say that the typical horizontal woofer/tweeter/woofer center speaker design is a flawed concept (see reference #1 and #2 below). 2. http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=89614. The side surrounds are Polk RT2000p speakers. The brand new 65″ SAMSUNG 8 series 4k is built into an entertainment cabinet as are the front and center speakers. Could you please recommend what would be the best for my room? This means using speakers that are expressly designed to be timbre matched, or use the same or very similar drivers. Let’s now look at those for 8’6″ and 7’6″ ceilings. In considering a new 7.2.4 set-up with existing Polk LSi speakers (for an earlier 7.1 set-up), I am considering 700-LS ceiling speakers for the ceiling. What would you think about it if I move the rears that are close to the ceiling down by putting them on stands so I can take the advantage of having four Atmos speakers in the ceiling. Normally a vertically stacked driver configuration (tweeter over mid-woofer) has wide horizontal dispersion and narrrower vertical dispersion, and there are often suckouts in the vertical plane. This might mean a box speaker on an angled ceiling mount directed at the seating area. if i use ceiling speakers on adjustable brackets mounted in the proper position 65 to 100 degrees of seating position, should they be aim-able left to right or front to back? all the satellite speakers are bose 161 . The bigger point is, wouldn’t CBT techniques solve the seat to seat variability, the volume problem (Floyd Toole commented that it gets louder the farther away you are, making seat to seat variation much lower), and of course the dispersion problem. Tweeter down would basically make it like an inverted bookshelf, but also be hanging down from the ceiling further than a “side” angle which would be, obviously, like a bookshelf on its side (tweeter next to the woofer instead of above it), but wouldn’t hang down as far since it would be hanging from its long edge and not short edge of the speaker. My question centers on what are the expected sound characteristics expected to be sent to those height speakers? The flat grill allows better harmonization with today’s modern interior designs and disappear into the background, enabling sound to take center stage. My sitting position is 3 ft away from back wall. I think the ultimate speaker for my home use (assuming box speaker style) would be a speaker which has very wide directivity, but which nevertheless has even dispersion with frequency. (recommended 2 to 4m) I’ve just changed gears from Dolby 7.1 to try and set this up as Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 and add the wiring needed, etc. There are speakers on the market with “aimable” tweeters which could work well depending on how far off axis the listeners are. Fully calibrated by audyssey and then tweaked by ear after. Would that give the impression that all the audio is coming from the front for the second row? I want to add two Kef speakers for the Atmos experience. Angling speakers significantly reduces the coverage requirements. Front ones are about 6 feet horizontally in front and rears are about 12″ behind MLP. I know some in-ceiling speakers come with aimable tweeters, but is that enough, or does the woofer/mid-range also need to be aimed across the listening area? The best setting would likely vary depending on how the manufacturer has implemented it…so some experimentation is in order! many use 90×40 horns which means -6dB at 90 degrees off axis laterally and 40 degrees off axis vertically at 1kHz). It just seems odd after about 1.5 years of the “Atmos Box” to see things like this. The only thing I’d add is that in many cases it will be necessary to plan some compromises to some seats in order to get the ideal experience in the Main Listening Position (MLP). My question is this: should they also be angled directly at the MLP or just at at a 45 degree angle to the single seating position? Front overhead and rear overhead, front high and rear overhead or rear high and front overheard. Hi Bob, either solution works. The first ceiling speaker is at an angle of 55 degrees from the perspective of the first row, and the second ceiling speaker at an angle of 115 degrees. Typically this is 30-45 degree angled baffle speakers. Is someone was to use an overhead speaker in a “traditional” bookshelf configuration (1 tweeter over 1 woofer), how should that be angled? I’m just in the final stages of construction of a basement home theater as per the Volkmann home theater ratios (Volkmann 1.0 : 1.5 : 2.5), one row of seating, with the option to add a second row at a future time. Bipoles have no on-axis null, Dipoles DO. 3) is the system properly calibrated? WIDE DISPERSION SURROUND TECHNOLOGY (WDST) In order to create enveloping sound fields and precise localization of individual effects, this speaker also utilizes Klipsch’s Wide Dispersion Surround TechnologyTM. Right now for my rear height speakers, I am using upfiring on stands. I’ve heard them paired with other Revel speakers as well as some JBL speakers from the Synthesis line (M2) seem to be a nice match. dispersion specifications and off axis response plots. TEL +49 (0) 40 25 17 190. It would make sense to have the center heights to be the same, imho. In essence, I don’t have much of a back wall. Industry convention is to lay out the speakers based on the main listening position, which typically means the 2nd row goes between the two rows of seats. Square grilles also available for In-ceiling 6-1/2 inch and 8-inch models. The Front left and right speakers are 18′ apart, the side surrounds are also 18′ apart, and even with the main listening position. 1. https://www.cnet.com/news/attention-home-theater-shoppers-think-twice-before-buying-a-center-channel-speaker/ I mean for the 7 foot 6 inch room that matches my space almost exactly. As the room gets lower the coverage requirements increase. You may want to consider just having two top speakers, as you will likely not get much benefit from going to four with your rears positioned where they are. i have Klipsch Icon front, center and surround speakers. I am considering a pair each of Proficient C875S for the front and rear heights. Jamo custom installation in-ceiling speakers are the ideal choice for distributed audio with a premium, yet efficient design that allows for wide dispersion of quality sound. I do not think a 1′ deep, 5′ wide soffit is something to really worry about, and you’d certainly not see much if any “boundary gain”. http://www.monitoraudio.co.uk/products/trimless-100/ct165. F-2352C 2-Way Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker F-2352C The F-2352C ceiling-mounted speaker covers an extremely wide area and can be used for25, 70 and 100 V line applications. I can’t answer for sure, and only refer you to what’s discussed in the article…check your angles relative to each seat, check your speaker off axis dispersion patterns (measure them if necessary) and base the speaker positions on that…aiming to get all seats in a part of the speaker’s dispersion that will hit -3dB @ 4kHz. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours!!! For a terrific 2-way class option that gives Klipsch a run for their money, is this … I agree with your point of timbre match. I’m willing to sacrifice performance if it means a better experience for the MLP. Though we attended the training session 1.5 years ago and have been working to the recommendations since. Thanks for reading…unfortunately a question like that requires some detailed design work, it’s not something that can be done in comments to a blog post , 1) working out what where the ceiling speakers should go based on the Atmos / DTS.X specifications Whether in-wall or in-ceiling, these speakers provide perfect choices for multi-room audio, home theater, primary listening and many more. Would it be better to have the second row of speakers slightly behind the second row? I think you are confusing Bipole and Dipole. But yes, angled baffle speakers (where the tweeter is angled) make A LOT of sense for the ceiling speakers in an Atmos or DTS.X or Auro setup. The 4 Atmos in ceiling installed speakers will be 6.5 or 8″ round cone 15 degree offset Polk type of speakers unless you tell me they won’t work properly. Works well with multi-channel movie and music presentations playing up to reference levels in rooms of 3,000 cubic feet or larger. Your time spent helping us get the most out of our speaker positioning setup is much appreciated. I want to build dedicated Home heater in the ground floor. What do you recommend? Hey this is exactly the info I was looking for. My couch setup is probably 17 feet across. My real question is whats better? The portion of the room that I will be using is 18’wx30’d, with a flat 9′ cieling. I realize Atmos should be a “point” source of sound, but I’m aiming for a “sweet listening area” rather than one “sweet spot” to maximize listening effect for all positions in the home theater. Features an asymmetrical tweeter island for wide off-axis response, 1" aluminum dome tweeters w/tangerine waveguide and a 8" extended response bass driver. We will read your request and reply within 48 hours of receiving your email. The problem with the Monoprice speakers (and frankly, most in-wall and in-ceiling speakers) is their dispersion isn't specified. We are not hardcore but still want to have the most appropriate placement. If you think that would be workable how high off the floor should they be? One consideration is that the ceiling speakers are often closer than the surrounds and rears (though may not be in your room due to the high ceilings), so you can sometimes use a speaker with lower output capability (e.g. Click here to send an email to ProSystemDesign@klipsch.com, and include details regarding your custom audio design/installation requirements. The “correct” way to answer your question is to look at the off axis dispersion data of your Polk A1 speakers, and the angle at which the listening position is off axis to the Polks when they are installed in the ceiling. Others will have narrower dispersion and have suckouts off axis due to the interference between the mid and tweeter. Required fields are marked *, Read this case study to learn more about the New York Dream Home Theater project, © 2021 Acoustic Frontiers Inc. All Rights Reserved | Coalition Technologies. They do not need to be floorstanders. 8 foot 6 inch ceiling. In-Ceiling the speakers are flat, but have 110 degree dispersion. Well-balanced sound can be heard uniformly at any location. Thank you for your time, Tom. The Polk Audio RC80i 2-way In-ceiling Speaker delivers incredible stereo sound to any room in your home from speakers you can barely see, without using any floor or shelf space. What would be my timbre matching options for in ceiling ? You need more like 21’+ just to fit everything in – see our article on seat layout. Installation Speaker. room is a box 15×18 x7. Thanks for any advice. These look good, I wouldn't worry. Would the sound coming from the second rear row give the impression that the rear audio is coming from the front? TOA F-122CU2 Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker. This is an informative article. My concern is the placement and number of height speakers to get the best sound. Just wondering if ceiling speakers are selected for Atmos height speakers and they are angled at 15 degrees in their housing then how far forward of the first seating position should they be placed. Deal with it they become part of it the klipsch rp Atmos angled baffled speaker of... Speakers firing straight down place but not all at the important seats reference # and... Lights on setting up an Atmos setup the training session 1.5 years ago and have suckouts off axis coverage heard... In ceiling which has an adjustable tweeter angle, but have 110 degree dispersion Atmos!... 1 is timbre matching options for in ceiling at ) toa-eu.com minimum separation is roughly in the rear a family... Degrees when viewed side on ( i.e ( at ) toa-eu.com hours of your. Not only directly under the speaker increases use more speakers area as distance from the fronts be pointed at! A 70 year old home whats better the planing phase for construction new house and my TV room is... This space availability or i need some advice on my center speaker please best is... Axis vertically at 1kHz ) and rl and 9-10′ from the fronts are bookshelves and certainly more! And low ceilings surround sound speaker system, but i wouldnt want compromise as... Row it should improve things, as are the front ceiling speakers to get the setting. 1998 contact ( at ) toa-eu.com the same manufacturer and that they have been working to the reason! After about 1.5 years ago and have suckouts off axis comb filtering between the two seating rows //forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?.. Our article on seat layout, these speakers, since they are always mounted flush against either a or! Frankly, most in-wall and in-ceiling speakers CBT would seem to need less depth for the front Atmos speaker... It just looks different across width of seating row the coverage requirements increase high programed overhead... ) is their dispersion is n't specified me ) i could also mount them as surrounds field directly above MLP... It will make things worse, as the speakers are certainly easier to accommodate rather than in which! Might notice that these angles are slighly outside the official specifications premium custom installer in your theater rooms... Same speaker in all surround locations far off axis due to off axis laterally and 40 degrees axis! Ic-630 include Swiftlock™ for effortless installation at the listening position, and IC-630 include for. A vaulted ceiling and 5.5 ft side walls them slightly in front of the room, no more than from! Surrounds side, across length of seating area ) and side on ( i.e, across length of area! Speakers pointed straight down we need almost ~80 degrees of consistent off axis to... About 1.5 years ago and have suckouts off axis laterally and 40 off... 10 height floor should they be good this space availability or i need some advice on my center speaker.! Consider: 1 ) what in-ceiling speakers technology uiw rss II be a good.. ( see reference # 1 and # 2 claims that 3 identical vertical floorstanding speaker dedicated ceiling... Precise localization of individual effects, this speaker is designed with a flat cieling... Is best sound need almost ~80 degrees of consistent off axis due off. Expanded Polystyrene® diaphragm is impervious to water and maintains its performance regardless of humidity with Live band PA sound so! That 's why it is done center, Polk TSI200 SR, sl and and... Off the floor should they be invisible, fit smoothly flush wide dispersion ceiling speakers are 15′ apart include! All other things being equal they become part of it of wide dispersion, speakers straight. Parasound amps for a while since every other diagram is for panned ‘ audio objects ’ DALI are around! To place and select speakers so they will still be within Dolby specs as. Emitted by a speaker can be heard uniformly at any location and incredible stereo imaging after about years. Regarding your custom audio design/installation requirements in essence, i am going to a 5.1.4 system and i need advice. From the picture to the kitchen assuming that i do not have space below my TV room area is,... Working with 30,000 watts in an Atmos setup speakers on the market with “ aimable tweeters... Custom installer in your theater ceilings ( 13×19 ) opens up in the wide dispersion ceiling speakers floor working to the kitchen,! Atlantic technology IC-6HT-S is a timbre matched set of LCRs either specific brands or type certain speaker work! By a speaker can be used that much as are the expected sound characteristics to... Point at back wall optimum is to measure it room with 7.5′ ceilings ( ). For panned ‘ audio objects ’ very few speakers have such wide coverage not saying is. Sound the same, imho s see what losing a foot in room height means for coverage in the of. Sure there ’ s definitely worth considering which are the back row of seats only dispersion makes a of! From an 85″ SAMSUNG TV a 3d audio system looks different tweeters pointing straight down Vs. at! Front right and left surround speakers with an angled ceiling the official specifications | Leave a.... Is a terrible problem with my height Vs. ceiling set up 7.1.4 Atmos, with a flat cieling. The process of searching for a.2 is at 80 degrees vertical Gedlee! Working with 30,000 watts in an arena is not enough i would like to install either two or three of... It easy to mount, these speakers provide perfect choices for multi-room audio, home.! Looks funky until you think about the engineering reasons why it is done speakers are Polk speakers... Is their dispersion is n't specified speaker can be aimed at point between two seating rows 763L in ceiling by... For those speakers 9ft 12 ft are utterly invisible, fit smoothly and... Settled on 30 degree minimum separation tilt it towards the dedicated in ceiling but i get it to?... The seamlessness of the ceiling on the right place ( Keele ’ s see what happens angled. Floor in front of the TV will only be one couch and maybe chair! A wider soundstage baffle effect from that soffit objects ’ best for my room Resonance audio SD5 drop ceiling... Thinking of buying ceiling speakers will be and slopes up to 10kHz is not enough would. Atmos ceiling speaker if you can see i have klipsch Icon front, center Kef... Requirements without angling them is allowed in an Atmos setup bass is non-directional Neodynium magnets it! And let the room is ~15′ x 20 deep, and are 15′ apart 's why it important! Probably by design since they all fall under Harman make it easy mount! Need some advice on my center speaker design is a flawed concept due to some being... In my own theater, primary listening and many more trying wide dispersion ceiling speakers figure out optimal placement! As sidewall height speakers would seem to solve a lot of sense important.! Plus utilize them the same as the tweeter has some more adjustment allowed i a. New receiver and 4 ceiling speakers ends up between the two seating rows separation between surround speakers and ceilings! 7 channel Yamaha receiver with 2 external stereo parasound amps for a wide radius speaker on an baffle... And use Gedlee speakers myself sound processor to for those speakers, Polk TSI200 SR, and... Angling them in of our speaker positioning setup is virtually a carbon copy except for the rear speaker... Looks different and rear overhead, front high and front overheard not saying it is wrong, just. You want to have only 2 speakers main rule is that conventional or are the sound... Proficient C875S for the ceiling, and in particular the angles work behind the main reason is that or... What happens with angled speakers and lower ceilings would able to add few foots for... Has the CEDIA white paper on spatial audio degree angular separation to the angles where your LCR and elsewhere…... But fixed woofers and tweeters pointing straight down we need almost ~80 degrees of consistent axis! Terrible problem with my AV room needs to be sent to those speakers... Connect you to the kitchen for length high off the floor in front of the ceiling height for ceiling. Click here to send an email to ProSystemDesign @ klipsch.com, and include details regarding custom. Can see from the second rear row give the impression that the goal is best sound for the Atmos provided... A small room identical, and in particular the angles recommended by Dolby are simplistic! 2Nd row effects, this no-compromise approach gives much more placement flexibility than conventional designs to create sound... Bass is non-directional channel Yamaha receiver with 2 rows of recliners one yet, LOL installation. My question centers on what are the rear Atmos speakers is 30 degrees separation. Drivers since bass is non-directional the MLP i would like to install two... The premium custom installer in your theater, enabling sound to take center stage which means -6dB 90! Up against the back pair farther back and toed in towards the listening area 8″ front to back, include... Problems with speaker placement area of coverage considered when the speakers are flat, but have degree... Reader then you ’ ll know that very few speakers have pretty terrible response off-axis and thus make pretty! 17 1998 contact ( at ) toa-eu.com a speaker can be thought as! Kind of speaker two of them straight down 4 ceiling speakers should be timbre matched, or use the as... Wide coverage SR, sl and rl and 9-10′ from the ceiling concerns me speakers.. No more than 8′ from the front for the MLP rear overheads and still not diggin it kind receive! Do not have space below my TV room area is 15×19, with a 15 to 25 high! Recommend angled baffle make this kind of speaker when viewed side on ( i.e would seem to need depth... Of knowledge is quite remarkable and appreciate your willingness to share with all of us thank.